Teaching activities

For students of Charles University, CZEM provides following educational programs (in cooperation or on its own):

  • Health Economics, a course for students of master degree program at Institute of Economic Studies, taught in English

  • Participation in teaching of Public Health courses to pre-graduate students of Third Faculty of Medicine, mainly in areas of health systems funding, provider payment methods and comparison of health systems

  • Elective course Roles and new competencies of physicians in modern health systems in the European Union, prepared for students of medical and other faculties of Charles University. The course was taught in the academic year 2013/2014.

In the area of lifelong education, CZEM offers following programs:

Research activities

CZEM participates in the following research projects:

  • International project MUNROS, which evaluates impact of development of new health professions in terms of quality, efficiency and costs of public health systems in 9 European countries

  • Assessment of costs of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Czech Republic – participation in grant proposal submitted by the Institute of Economic Studies of the Charles University


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