Administrative requirements

All the topics of dissertations are listed in the Student Information System (SIS) in the app Dissertation Topics (Selection of thesis)

  • From 1st June 2006 with the Amendment to the Higher Education Act arose a requirement to submit an electronic version of your thesis in a PDF format with all the appendices included, along with the printed version. For thesis defences done after the 1st July 2010 even protocols of the thesis defence are stored.

  • Electronic version of the dissertation and all respective files linked to it are stored exclusively in SIS (App Dissertation Topics). After dissertation defence and finalization, the data is automatically transferred from SIS to a Central Librarian System called Aleph pertaining to the Third Faculty of Medicine and to CU's Dissertation Repository, where dissertations and required files are made available.

Administrative requirements for dissertations stored in SIS

  • By Dean's order no. 27/2010, which regulates the rules and requirements for dissertations, how to proceed, what is stored and where and who and when is handling or overseeing the process.

  • Administrative requirements for Dissertations are listed below (records in SIS; storing electronic version in SIS; storing all appendices including reviews from dissertation supervisor and opponents; storing the dissertation defence protocol).

  • The topic of the dissertation is registered by the PGS Study Officer (Mrs. Vlčková) into the SIS at the beginning and after the enrolment in the study programme. The topic can be also written down by the respective supervisor(s).

  • Based on a formal request from a postgraduate student and confirmation from his or her respective supervisor, dissertation topic change is done by the PGS Study Officer.

  • Names of supervisors and their corresponding workplace and the names of opponents are linked to each dissertation in SIS by the PGS Study Officer.

  • Neuroscience students are advised to contact the chairman of the OR Prof. MUDr. J. Lacz, Ph.D. before printing.

  • Manual for dissertation’s formal adjustments.

Mandatory documents that must be attached to a dissertation in SIS

Submitted by PGS student before the defence - mandatory documents - at least one week before the defence:

  • a dissertation (so-called solution of the work) - as one file in pdf format

  • attachments to the dissertation if you have any - in pdf format, in case of more separate attachments in zip format

  • an abstract in Czech (even if the work itself is written in english)

  • an abstract in English

  • an outline/ an auto-report - in pdf format

Submitted by PGS student after the defence:

  • errata - corrections of the work made after the defence of the dissertation - the whole work is to be submitted as the errata (not only the corrected parts) - in pdf format as one file

Submitted by supervisors, external examiners or PGS study officer:

  • reviewers’ reports on the thesis - submitted by the tutors, the external examiners or possibly by proxy via the PGS study officer - scanned to pdf - at least 3 days before the defence

  • records of the defence - submitted by the PGS study officer - scanned to pdf

  • final result of the defence - submitted by the PGS study officer

Submission of a request for non-publication of parts of the work or of the work as a whole

Can be filed before or after the defence.

  • request for non-publication of attachments - submitted by the student, the supervisor, or the authorized person - by submitting an application in the SIS - the approval shall be upon the Dean of the faculty

  • request for non-publication of the work as a whole - submitted by the supervisor or eventually an authorized person - by submitting an application in the SIS - is handed over to the Dean, the applications are forwarded to the rectorate collectively at regular intervals and handed in for approval to the the Rector of CU

Before the oral defense

  1. Make sure to double check that your topic is correctly filled out in the SIS system and that all details are accurate as well (e.g. document title, English version of the title, name(s) of the tutor(s) and their place of work, names of the external reviewers, their place of work, field of study and language of the document). The title in the SIS system must be exactly the same as it is in the printed out (and electronic) versions of the submitted work. The topic of the work is directly printed out from the SIS system onto the amendments to your diploma. Now it is possible, even under your student login, to edit out typos or any inaccuracies within the work title.

  2. Save the exact electronic version (and mandatory documents) into the SIS system. After you log into SIS, you can access a pdf converting tool within the ‘výběr práce/document selection’ app. After the final saving and check of the documents, click on the submit button. Your work is now officially submitted and the date of submission is sealed into SIS. The plagiarism check is completed automatically right away. The work is no longer accessible to the student.

  3. If you save and submit a wrong electronic version of your work or a wrong document altogether and you would like to exchange it for the correct one before the oral defense, contact Ms Vlčková (or Mr Tomáš Pajl). The incorrect version can be deleted, once the approval is issued. You can then insert a new version of your dissertation and validate it by clicking on the submit button again.

  4. Postgraduate students can request a “non-public“ access to their work or additional documents. See above for more instructions.

  5. Saved and submitted dissertations can be seen in SIS only by associated tutors, PGS Study Officer, faculty coordinator and finally by the student responsible for the thesis. No one else can access the work. After a successful completion of the oral defence and an official finalization of your work, all data is transferred to the Charles University repository after 21 days. Once in the repository the full-length text of your work including all attachments is publicly accessible.

Emergency Assistance - Contact Person

  • If in need of help with setting a password for the CAS, that is used to access applications such as the SIS - administrators of the Computer Service Center are at your service.

  • In case of any difficulties with thesis/reports saving etc. feel free to contact Hana Vlčková - email: z, or faculty coordinator for VŠKP.

User Manual

Instructions for students and teachers - how to store e-works and reviewers’ reports in the Study Information System (SIS)

To borrow printed works visit the Center of Scientific Information of 3. FM CU

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