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Division for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs

In case of emergency (acute need of health care, social support, translation services, legal advice) it is possible to contact the vice-dean or a memeber of his team nonstop at +420 724 292 312

Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs

MUDr. David Marx, Ph.D.

Graduated (1984) from First Faculty of Medicine,Charles University, Prague. Since graduation he has worked as a paediatrician at the Dept. of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Hospital Královské Vinohrady, since 1990 as a lecturer in paediatrics. In 1991-1992 he was a research  fellow at the Institute of Childrens Health, University of Birmingham, UK.

Since the beginning of the 1990s he has worked also in the field of quality and safety improvement in health care: chair of the Czech Society for Quality in Healthcare, chair of Standards Subcommittee at Joint Commission International (USA), CEO of Czech National Hospital Accreditation Programme, Head of Dept. of Public Health at the Third Faculty of Medicine.

2001-2010 – Chair of the Academic Senate, Third Faculty of Medicine, 2003-2010 member of the Academic Senate, Charles University.

+ 420 267 102 176

+ 420 602 260 244

Associate Deans

Doc. MUDr. Daniela Janovská, CSc.

Graduated at Third Medical Faculty Charles University, in 1977 she completed her doctoral studies and in 1986 became Associate Professor in Epidemiology.

Since 1965  she has been working at the Dept. of Epidemiology. 1965 – 1989 she was a member of the Research group for bacterial resistance at the Czech National Institute of Health; 1990 – 2003 she was a member of  the National laboratory for Lyme disease.

She was a member of the Academic Senate and Vice – dean for undergraduate students (2003-2010)

+ 420 267 102 337

+ 420 736 629 833


MUDr. Jan Trnka, Ph.D.

Studied medicine at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine and then moved to University of Cambridge in the UK to get a PhD in biochemistry and MPhil in history and philosophy of science, technology and medicine. Since 2009 he teaches biochemistry and investigates mitochondrial dysfunction.

+ 420 267 102 625

+ 420 722 576 390


Doc. MUDr. Jan Novák, Ph.D.

Graduated from the Third Faculty of Medicine in 1999 and since then has been working at the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady – at the 2nd Department of Medicine and presently at the Department of Clinical Haematology. Since 2005 he has been teaching Immunology as a lecturer. During 2002 – 2005 he held a research fellowship at INSERM laboratory in Paris, where he recieved  PhD in immunology in 2005 (Universite Paris V).

His research focuses on pathophysiology of the immune system

+ 420 604 619 579


PhDr. Hana Svobodová

Hana Svobodova received her master’s degree in the field of pedagogy – nursing at the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague. Her clinical practice includes working as a nurse at intensive care unit and a teacher of clinical subjects at the Secondary Nursing School Ruska in Prague 10. Since 1994 she has participated in teaching the English speaking students within the module I D – The Ill Person. Mrs. Svobodova has been in her current position of the head of the department since 2007 after having worked as a senior lecturer of the Institute of Medical Ethics and Nursing. 

Besides her clinical and educational practice she also gained an experience as the chief editor of the professional journal for health care workers Diagnosis in Nursing it the from 2004 - 2007.

In 2004 she spent time in the University of Virginia (UVA) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), USA as a visiting lecturer.

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+ 420 603 337 585


Study Division

Office Hours

  • Monday: 7.30 - 12.00

  • Tuesday: 13.00 - 15.30

  • Wednesday: 7.30 - 18.00

  • Thursday: 7.30 - 12.00

  • Friday: 7.30 - 12.00

Head of Study Division

Monika Marková

Graduate from Gymnasium Voderadska, Prague 10. She worked as a secretary in OHS, Prague 2. After returning from maternity leave, she worked in various administrative positions, especially in smaller construction companies. She has been working in the Study Division since August 2011.

+420 267 102 207

+420 725 812 057

room 209b, 2nd floor, building No. 19

Studies in Czech

Jan Hudák

Officer for 1st study year of Master study General Medicine

After graduating the Secondary Technical School Na Třebešíně in Prague 10, Department of Building equipment, worked as a construction engineer and foreman at a construction company focusing on remediation and disposal of asbestos hazard. Works at the study division from April 2015.

+420 26710 2207

room 207, 2nd floor, building No. 19

Jana Kováříková

Officer for 2nd - 4th study year of Master study General Medicine

After graduating the hygiene school she worked as an food hygiene assistant at OHS Prague 9. In addition, she was employed at administrative positions in various fields, mainly in the media agencies. She's been working at the Study Division since February 2016.

+420 26710 2193

room 209, 2nd floor, building No. 19

Kateřina Zburníková

Officer for 5th and 6th study year of Marster study General Medicine + Bachelor studies Health Sciencesand

She worked as an assistent in the financial department after completing the secondary school for nurses. After maternity leave she worked as an officer in the agency, which delt with sociological research and after that she worked in customer´s service department in media group MAFRA. Since May 2017 she works at Study division of 3LF UK.

+420 26710 2208

room 209, 2nd floor, building No. 19

Ing. Zuzana Šafránková

Officer for Bachelor full-time and combined form studies of Physiotherapy, Public Health, General Nurse, Dental Hygienist

She studied at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, where she graduated in Business Administration and Administration in May 2016. Since February 2017 she has been working at the study division of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

+420 26710 2207

room 207, 2nd floor, building No. 19

Rut Fialová

Officer for Continuing education and University of the Third Age

Having studied at a comprehensive school and subsequently a medical secondary school, worked as lab worker in several Prague hospitals. She joined the Study Division in October 2012.

+420 26710 2177

room 240, 2nd floor, main building Ruská 87

Studies in English

Daniela Lvová

Officer for 3rd - 6th study year of Master study General Medicine in English

Graduated from Gymnasium Boženy Němcové Hradec Králové, major in Computer science and Programming. After administrative practice for Government, she has been working in the Study Division since December 2016.

+420 26710 2206

room 205, 2nd floor, building No. 19

Bc. Miriam Křížová

Officer for 1st - 2nd study year of Master study General Medicine in English

Graduated in 2009 at Philosophical Faculty of Charles University in Prague with Pedagogy. Since 2001 was working as an English teacher at several language schools in Prague. She has been working in the Study Division since September 2016.

+420 26710 2189

room 205, 2nd floor, building No. 19

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