Health Care for students in English curriculum

Foreign students should arrange health insurance covering the duration of their study at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. The insurance can be arranged either in their own home country or in the Czech Republic at the beginning of the study.

Condition of health insurance and payment

MUDr. Pavel Škrha
MUDr. Pavel Škrha
In case of presenting EU insurance card (blue), no payment is required.

Students from EU without Euro Insurance card or non-EU students must pay for the examination and only than they can ask their insurance company for repayment.

The person responsible for following medical care is MUDr. Pavel Škrha.

Phone number: +420 604 861 705


Visiting hours: Thursday: 13:00-15:00

Place: Building N, ground floor, on the left, door No. 120

  • You do not need to make an appointment to visit my office on Thursday. You are welcome. However, You will have to visit Department for foreigners (of the hospital – not of the faculty) prior to any visit of any ambulance/office in the hospital (my Thursday’s office for foreign students too). The department for foreigners (information centre) is located in the gatehouse of the main entrance to the hospital areal (from Šrobárova street). Bring there all the necessary documents (ID card, insurance card, ISIC). You will obtain a form there that You have to show to Your doctor/blood collection centre etc. This is not mandatory only in urgent cases. If You visit my office, show the form firstly in the room for nurses, next to the my door – You will be checked-in. My office is closed during the public holidays and during Your summer holiday (June - September). Feel free to contact me via email during that time.

  • In urgent cases (no time to wait till Thursday), You can use the emergency in the evening (from 18:30-23:00 during the weekday and from 8:00-20:00 during the weekend) in the building S, groundfloor, straight and to the right (ask for „POHOTOVOST“).

  • In very urgent (emergent) cases, You can use the 24hours emergency (central admittance for internal departments) in the building S, groundfloor on the left („CPIK“).

  • In case of urgent illnesses when You cannot get to a doctor and when a transport to a medical facility and urgent treatment is essential, ambulance services are organised. You can request their assistance by calling the number 155 or 112.

  • You can use my phone number or the faculty SOS phone number +420 724 292 312 if needed. Please, use the given numbers and my email only in serious cases. Otherwise, visit me on Thursday. You will be informed in advance via student division of the faculty when the office is closed.

Hepatitis B Vaccination is compulsory for all students

There is a possibility to apply the vaccine against Hepatitis B in the Vaccination Centre of the Occupational and Travel Health Clinic (Building I I, Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady).

In case you will take an advantage of this possibility, please, come firstly for the confirmation about your study to the Study Department during office hours and then be so kind and make an appointment for your vaccination on the telephone number +420 267 162 685.

I enclose the maps and the scheme of the visit in my office.

Kind regards, MUDr. Pavel Škrha

Fig 1: Map of the hospital

Fig 2: Building N

Scheme of the visit of the office for foreign students

Health issue

Department for foreigners

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Reception - nurses

Office for foreign students - doctor

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