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Admission process

  1. Submit the online application - here you can find a simple guide on how to fill out the application

    - pay the admission fee CZK 830 via online application (or bank transfer)

    After the application is processed by the faculty, you will choose the exact date of your exam

  2. Wait for the invitation to the entrance exam with further details (should be done approx. one month before the exam)

    - if you are applying with assistance of an agency, you will receive further details from your agency

    - Attend and pass the entrance exam

  3. Send admission documents:

    - high-school leaving certificate - verified and authenticated according to your country: forms of authentication

    - official transcript including all marks/grades and number of hours

    - photocopy of the 1st page of passport

    Send the above mentioned documents by post to the faculty address:

    Third faculty of medicine

    Ruská 87

    100 00 Prague 10

    Czech republic

    It is highly recommended to send the documents by July 15th 2023.

    - the latest deadline for sending the documents is the day of your enrolment to study in September, but be aware that you can only be officially admitted to the faculty after submitting the documents.

    - especially for students in need of VISA it is necessary to send it as soon as possible.

  4. Request and pay the high-school certificate recognition fee CZK 880.

    - in your on-line application go to the "Proof of education" section

    - choose "a foreign document concerning a foreign secondary education (it will be assessed)"

    - pay the recognition fee by card (or bank transfer)

    We also accept general all purpose nostrification.

Admission without entrance examination

You can apply for remission of the entrance exam if:

1a) A-level examination results – Physics or Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology:

Minimum results: A, A, B

The examination must be carried out in the academic year 2021/2022 at the latest


1b) Results of International Baccalaureate (IB) in Area 4 (Experimental Sciences) with Chemistry, Biology and Physics or Mathematics, all in Higher Level:

Total – minimum sum of points from the given 3 subjects: 19

The examination must be carried out in the academic year 2021/2022 at the latest


1c) Results of a comparable examination (e.g. SAT) in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics:

Overall minimum score: 85 percentile

The examination must be carried out in the academic year 2021/2022 at the latest


1d) Study average of school leaving exams subjects (applicants attending secondary education in Germany):

Grade average during the whole period of study: better than 1,30

The applicant must graduate from secondary education in the academic year 2022/2023

2) Submit the application form for the remission of the entrance examination (application form available here in pdf or docx)to the Study Division of the Faculty by March 15, 2023 (the date of postage is decisive) along with the online application to study and verified documents above.

3) An order of applicants will be drafted based on the criteria above and study grade averages. A maximum of 25 applicants may be admitted without an entrance examination.

Applicants with special needs

Instructions how to fill and send the application form:

  1. Please go to the application form

  2. In the application form please:


    tick "Requirements for special treatment due to health handicap"


    fill "Health limitation"


    describe your requirements i.e. longer time for tests, wheelchair accessible lecture hall etc.

  3. Close and send the application form

  4. Pay the admission fee 830 CZK

  5. The medical report with your requirements for special treatment or any confirmation of the relevant institution please send to this address:

    Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles Univesity

    Study division

    Ruská 87

    100 00 Prague 10

    Czech republic

    Please do not print the application and do not send it to the Faculty!

  6. Wait for the invitation to entrance exams, usually send one month before the entrance exams to your e-mail address or to the agency, which help you are applying with.

Admission fee

CZK 830 or equivalent amount in Euro must be made by card (via on–line application – the easiest way) or bank transfer (no check) to the following account of Third Faculty of Medicine:

Name of the account:

Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine

Bank name:

Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, Branch (corporate)


Na Porici 24, 115 20 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Account number:


SWIFT code:



CZ 82 0300 0000 0005 0008 1433

Please, print your surname, ID of your application and „Admission Fee“ in the comment. The applicant is to cover all bank expenses, i.e. you should tick this option in your payment order.

Deadlines and admission schedule

The deadline for submitting the online application form and payment of the admission fee for the entrance exams in April and May 2023 is March 31st 2023.

The deadline for sending the online application form and payment of the admission fee for the entrance exams in June 2023 is April 30th 2023.

After successful admission (the entrance exam and recognition of the admission documents) the applicant receives an Admission letter from the faculty, which is usually required as part of the visa application. It is highly recommended to apply for VISA by June, so it is issued by the beginning of the academic year.

Admitted applicants enrol to the study during September (in Dobronice camp or at the faculty), the latest possible date to enrol is October 20th 2023.

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