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The purpose of the doctoral study is education for independent scientific work and obtaining the corresponding qualification. Study at the Third Faculty of Medicine CU is governed by The Higher Educational Act No. 111/1998 Coll., Code of Study and Examination of Charles University and the Dean’s Provision No. 2/2022. Basic information for doctoral students is provided in this manual.

  • An applicant becomes a student on the day of enrolment in the university.

  • Enrolment in doctoral studies takes place only in the 1st year, i.e. 2nd and higher year students no longer enrol.

  • The student is obliged to keep personal data current and valid (surname, address, telephone, e-mail, bank details, etc.). Any change must be reported immediately to the Department for PhD Study.

  • A standard period of study is at most four years, depending on the accreditation of the respective programme.

  • The maximum duration of a doctoral study programme is eight years. For students admitted to study no later than the academic year 2016/2017, the maximum lenght of study is the standard length of study of this study programme prolonged by five years.

  • Study in doctoral study programmes is not divided into individual sections of study and does not take place in the credit system.

  • Credits are not assigned to subjects intended only for doctoral students.

  • After completing a selected course (an overview of courses can also be found on the website of the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University), the student must submit a certificate or other proof of completion of the course (stamp in the index), on the basis of which the Science Department will enter it into SIS as completed. Without entering the course in the SIS, it is not possible to pair courses in the annual evaluation and thus mark them as fulfilled.

  • Before completing an internship, each student is required to enter the internship into SIS in the internship registration module. Upon completion, the student will send or bring the internship certificate to the Science Department where the internship will be entered into SIS. Without this record, the Internship course cannot be paired and marked as completed in the annual evaluation.

  • The review article will also be recorded as completed only after the article has been submitted to the Science Department together with the reduction corespondence.

  • The study takes place in full-time or combined form. In full-time study, the doctoral student participates fully in the work at the training site. Students in full-time study are paid a doctoral scholarship of CZK 11.000,- for the standard period of study.The student is entitled to a doctoral bursary, if studying in full-time studies for a standard period of study.

  • The study is organised according to an individual study plan (ISP) under the supervision of a supervisor and possibly also with the participation of an advisor. Student in the first year has to fulfill 3 subjects: The course, The review, The english language for doctorands (only native speakers can ask the dean for the recognition without the certificate)

  • Study obligations for full-time and part-time form of study are the same.

  • The ISP in particular includes a list of study obligations, scientific, research or other creative obligations and planned or recommended foreign stays or other research internships or pedagogical activities.

  • The approved ISP is binding. A request for change can be made during the creation of the annual evaluation in cooperation with the supervisor at the end of the academic year directly in the SIS

  • The fulfilment of the ISP is subject to regular, but no longer than annual, evaluation, which, together with a proper justification, is submitted by the student to the supervisor, who then submits it to the departmental board.

  • The study is monitored and evaluated by the OR. Each specialised board has different conditions for study. You can find more detailed information on the website Doctoral Programmes in Biomedicine, please also keep an eye on the current courses organised for each degree programme.

  • A student who has been accepted to study in a English study programme should write a dissertation in English.

  • The student cannot change the topic or title of his/her dissertation. If the title / topic does not suit him for any reason, it is necessary to submit a Request, which must be recommended by the supervisor and will be submitted to the SAB for assessment. If the application is approved, the name / topic in the SIS will be changed by the Department for PhD Study.

  • If a student wants to have an advisor in addition to the supervisor, he / she must ask for one. The request must be duly substantiated, signed by the supervisor and the proposed advisor. It will then be referred to the SAB for discussion. Some SABs apply the same rules to advisors as to suprevisors.

  • How to apply for State Doctoral Examination:

    Please note that students cannot log in to SDE via SIS.

    Students must submit the Application for the State Doctoral Examination with all required materials (the list of documents is at the end of the application) in paper form to the Department of Science and Research Administration of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. The relevant branch council will propose the date of the examination. The application together with the proposal is then forwarded to the Dean for approval. The student is notified of the specific date through the 3rd Faculty of Medicine and Research Administration Department.

    The student submits the application for the SDE after fulfilling the prescribed study obligations set out in the ISP according to the requirements of the relevant OR.

    A doctoral student may take an exam in a registered subject no more than twice, i.e. they are entitled to one substitute date. The results of exams are classified as “pass” – “fail”.

  • At the request of a student in a doctoral study programme, the dean shall interrupt the study, but the period of interruption shall be counted towards the maximum period of study. It is not possible to interrupt studies during the period when the annual ISP evaluation is in progress. Interruptions shall not count towards the maximum period of study if they are for health reasons or reasons related to pregnancy and parenthood, which must be documented. To interrupt your studies, again use the Student Application Form (general) + the relevant documentation for each reason for interruption (copy of medical report, copy of pregnancy certificate, copy of child's birth certificate).

  • The publication - Upon successful completion of the requirements for the student's publication activity, the doctoral scholarship under paragraph 2 shall be increased by a further amount, but not more than CZK 10,000 per month in total, to

    a) CZK 2,000 per month after publication of an article in a journal with an impact factor above 1.0, if the student is the first author,

    b) CZK 1,000 per month after publication of an article in a journal with an impact factor above 1.0 if the student is a co-author.

    An adjustment of the doctoral scholarship pursuant to the preceding paragraph shall only be made, if department of the faculty is indicated next to the student's name in the published article and immediately

    related to the dissertation topic.

    request form together with the article is needed to submit in the department of the science in the Third Faculty of Medicine to Mrs. Vlčková or Mrs. Jizbová. The publication has to be stored in the OBD system.

Charles University Student Cards

The card is required for access to the SIS. Instructions for introducing and using student passes at CU can be found on the Charles University website.

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