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Czech Medical Chamber - Letter of Good Standing

First please ask in your country if they need this paper, it is not compulsory for all countries

  1. Fill attached form in (leave bottom section empty)

    • Contact address field requires your address abroad.

      Select if you prefere to colect the certificate on your own or have it posted to your address abroad

    • Select language

    • Tick I agree

    • „I Finished my studies on“ - fill the date when you have completed your last state exam

  2. Write date

  3. Print the application form

  4. Sign completed form

  5. Attach:

    • copy of the passport,

    • verified copy of your diploma and supplement

      or confirmation from the study division stating that you finished the study

  6. Scan completed and signed application + all attachments and send it by email on: foreign@clkcr.cz,

  7. Administartor will get back to you by email with instructions and expected date of collecting of the certificate (it can take few days because the form must by signed by the president of the chambre)

  8. Payment 300CZK is proceed in cash on a spot when you are collecting the certificate (the address will be written in the email from the aministrator)


Name of lady who is charge is Ms. Ivana Vašková, contact details are:

Email: foreign@clkcr.cz,

Phone no.: +420 234 760 702

This certifiacte is usually ready within very short time – few days!

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