Students with Special Needs

Charles University students with special needs can use a range of University services which are designed to help students to overcome any difficulties they may encounter. The provision of support services for students with special needs is governed by the Rector’s Provision No. 9/2013: Charles University standards of support for students with special needs.

Student Mental Health Contact Point

The contact point serves for all our students who have any issues concerning mental health – either with regards to study burden (anxiety, sleep problems, inadequate procrastination, problems with concentration) or caused by anything else (adaptation problems, partnership problems etc.). The contact point provides initial psychotherapeutic interview and (if needed) continuing care by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. The service is elective – for urgent, acute situations please contact Emergency Intervention Centers – Crisis Intervention Centre RIAPS - link Centre RIAPS. In acute situations you can also contact the faculty emergency hotline (nonstop +420 724 292 312).Contact point is situated in room B 111 (ground floor building B, left entrance) – you can easily make an appointment at .

All information shared with the psychologist/psychiatrist is strictly confidential and without your consent must not be shared with anybody.

Services of the contact point are provided free of charge.

Detailed information can be found at: Link here

Contact persons on Third Faculty of Medicine:

Daniela Lvová, Head of Study Division

+420 267 102 205

+420 725 812 057,

PhDr. Hana Svobodová, Ph.D., Deputy Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs

+420 267 102 942

+420 724 292 312, + 420 603 337 585

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