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MUDr. Eli Zolotov

Here is me and my wife, a pediatric resident, also a graduate of LF3, together at HUMC during our residency.
Here is me and my wife, a pediatric resident, also a graduate of LF3, together at HUMC during our residency.
,,My journey through medical school at LF3, which culminated in my graduation in 2021, has been an incredibly enriching experience. Now, as I navigate the middle of my residency at Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) in New Jersey, USA, I often reflect on the invaluable experiences and lessons learned during my time at LF3. The comprehensive education I received there was crucial in my success in the US boards, leading to my match at my top-choice residency program. The exceptional mentorship I received at LF3 cannot be overstated; the faculty's guidance played a significant role in enabling me to publish several articles during my studies. Beyond academics, living in the stunning city of Prague and immersing myself in the rich culture and history of the Czech Republic was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The beauty of the country and the warmth of its people have left an indelible mark on me.''

,,The knowledge and advice I garnered at LF3 have been instrumental not only in achieving my goal of securing a residency spot but, more importantly, in equipping me to deliver top-notch care to my patients. The six-year educational journey at LF3 in Prague was more than just an academic pursuit; it was a period of immense personal and professional growth. The experiences and insights I gained there continue to shape my approach to medicine. As I reflect on my time at LF3, I am filled with gratitude and a deep sense of appreciation for the unique opportunities and challenges that shaped my career path. This journey has been a foundational part of my life, one that I will always cherish and draw inspiration from as I continue to serve my patients with the skills and knowledge I acquired during those formative years.''

MUDr. Liban Jamal Mohamed

"Hello! My name is Liban Jamal and I am a 4th year geriatrics resident in Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden. I graduated in the summer of 2020, having started at the Third faculty of medicine in 2014. Fortunately, I have very fond memories of my time in Prague. Our studies began with an orientation camp roughly 100 km outside of Prague, in Dobronice, whereby we were welcomed by the teachers and given practical information over the course of three days. Other than getting vital information, it was a very fun way to get acquainted with new classmates and more experienced students through various games and activities.

At LF3, we were given a very thorough theoretical foundation with an emphasis on problem-based learning. This has been a vital tool to help design a programme that produces competent doctors with a sound theoretical background. Every subject has both lectures and mandatory seminars which served to guide us throughout our studies. Unfortunately, due to language barriers it was difficult for a lot of us to immerse ourselves within the departments during clinical practices. However, we all leave with satisfactory levels of clinical practice, which is developed and honed further in our careers as doctors.

I for one, am in my fourth year of a geriatrics residency and am very happy with how LF3 helped prepare me as a doctor. The studies proved to be of a high quality which is why it was so demanding. The frequent examinations, both written and oral, make sure you have understood the subject and helps you apply that knowledge. We went through various periods of intense studying due to rigorous examinations, but we helped each-other through it and it was all worth it. Medical school is not meant to be easy and LF3 is no different to other quality medical schools in that sense.

I feel that my studies in LF3, combined with working in Swedish healthcare every summer during my studies, had equipped me with a solid foundation that I have been building on the last few years."

MUDr. Gal Tzur Peleg

,,Hey! My name is Gal Tzur Peleg.

I am a medical graduate from LF3 and I was recently accepted to an internal medicine resident program at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, a Georgetown University-affiliated hospital in Washington DC, USA.

Looking back at my journey at LF3 in Prague, I can certainly say that it was an incredibly enriching chapter in my life.

Today, I find myself continually grateful for the knowledge foundation, the friends I made, and the support I received from the faculty and its members. Together they made my medical studies an unforgettable experience.

The journey through LF3 was rigorous, demanding, but at the same time- undeniably rewarding.. LF3 ensured that we were well prepared for clinical practice and the challenges ahead of us. Thanks to the curriculum, which provided me with an invaluable theoretical foundation I was able to score well above average in the American medical licensing exams (USMLEs) which paved my way to being accepted into a competitive residency program in the US.

One aspect that truly sets LF3 apart is its dedication to supporting students' aspirations. When the opportunity arose for me to pursue clinical practice in the USA, the faculty accommodated my needs and actively facilitated the process, allowing me to adjust my schedule and gain invaluable experience abroad. This level of support is a testament to LF3's commitment to nurturing each student's individual journey and goals.

Studying in LF3's English curriculum provided me with a once-in-a-lifetime experience where I made friendships with peers from around the globe.

Yes, the road through medical school was challenging. There were periods of intense studying and rigorous examinations. But through it all, I never felt alone. The sense of camaraderie among students, that I will cherish fondly, combined with the support of the faculty, created an environment where I could thrive.

I can wholeheartedly attest that your time in LF3 will be demanding, but it will also provide you with amazing memories as well. The faculty cares deeply about your success, and all they ask in return is your commitment to study hard.

Thank you, LF3, for being the cornerstone of my medical education journey."

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