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Studying at university is a very enjoyable phase of life - yet a change of environment, a change of study style, a different work pace, or a number of other causes not directly related to studying can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders, problems with concentration or self-assessment, or other symptoms of mental discomfort. Most of the time these are therapeutically manageable conditions - since September 2021, our Faculty has a Student Mental Health Contact Point, staffed by therapists (qualified psychologists and psychiatrists), and any student can easily make an appointment for an assessment via the app:

The examination and follow-up care are free of charge and, of course, fully confidential (the Contact Point team does not share any information with the faculty without the clients' consent).

In case of acute psychological difficulties, the services of a Prague crisis intervention centre can be used, e.g. at the Bohnice Psychiatric Centre -, where a crisis line is also available.

You can also visit Student Counselling Centre at our Faculty:

You can seek help at any time on the 24-hour student SOS line: +420 724 292 312.

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