CZEM – Center of Health Economics and Management

Center of Health Economics and Management (CZEM) was established in 2013 as a joint workplace of 3rd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, Institute of Economic Studies at Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, and Advance Healthcare Management Institute. In organizational terms, CZEM is incorporated into Division of Public Health at 3rd Faculty of Medicine.

The main purpose of CZEM is to support interdisciplinary cooperation of involved institutions and to develop research and teaching activities in health and health care management, economics and law.

CZEM pursues research and teaching activities and participates in conferences and other expert venues. It prepares and provides or participates in creation of educational modules in pre- and post-gradual education as well as in lifelong education.

In the area of research and teaching, CZEM cooperates with other institutions from the Czech Republic and other countries. In 2014, the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University joined CZEM as another associate institution.

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