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The basic thought behind EDUROAM is to allow the students and academic employees to hook up their equipment (laptop, tablet, cell phone, PDA) to the network even at another academic institution (other universities in CR, VFN etc.), without having to register or receive access information. Connecting to the network simply requires a username and password used at the home institution. It is based on the wireless network on the basis of IEEE802.11 (Wi-Fi) technology.


EDUROAM offers our faculty a wider and qualitative Wi-Fi signal (at this time all areas of the dean’s office including the foyer, lecture halls, study areas, area on the 6th floor and most of the other areas). Also (due to the used technology) an increase in data access of the network to a theoretical maximal boundary of 300Mbit/s has been established. The system of first access to the home network has been substantially simplified (see part „how to sign up“).  Another important advantage for all members of the academic community is the usage of the transparent network at other connected institutions (currently hundrets localities in the CR and thousands of others in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Asia - see a


The new user from the academic community of the 3.MF CU must complete only one condition for receiving access to the EDUROAM network- to own a valid CU pass (see and have access to the CAS system (Central authentication service of CU - On the web pages of CAS (upon registration) it is necessary to set „ password for web access 802.1x“. This step will give you a username for access (in the form „number of individual“ and password that you have selected („number of individual“ can be found on the CU pass underneath your photograph).

More detailed conditions for receiving a username and password along with a „step-by-step“ instruction sheet from Your Computer can be found at


Jaroslav Valdauf, phone: 267102253, room 535

If necessary, you can contact staff of Computer Service Center.

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