Records of students with special needs

In order to be registered as a student with special needs and thus be eligible to benefit from the relevant study adjustments, you need to register as a student with special needs. The entire registration process must be completed by 31 October of the year (exceptionally, it is possible to register during the academic year).

To become a student with special needs, you must complete the following sequential steps:

  1. undergo a functional diagnostics with a specialist (and bring a health certificate to this interview),

  2. bring the completed functional diagnostic report to the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and to give informed consent to enter the status of a student with special needs into the university database,

  3. and the last - recommended - step is a personal meeting with the contact person, PhDr. Hana Svobodová, Ph.D.

And now the individual steps in more detail:

1. Functional diagnostics

Functional Diagnostics (FD) is an approximately one-hour interview with a professional (usually a special educator or psychologist). Its purpose is to identify your needs and possible limitations during your studies. The result is an assessment containing suggestions for support measures you can use during your studies. The assessment is used as a basis for you to claim the relevant services and modifications to your studies.

The FD assessment remains valid for the duration of your studies, however, if your health changes during your studies or if the study modifications prove insufficient, you can undergo the FD again. The new assessment will then extend or amend the study adjustments required for you.

There is no charge for the FD assessment or its update. It is also possible to complete the FD in English and in Czech Sign Language (for those diagnosticians who are proficient in CSL).

Functional diagnostics is carried out by the providers listed in this directory. Find any provider in this list according to their focus on a particular type of diagnosis. Request an appointment by emailing them at the contact address listed for that person. You can consult with the contact person at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University to choose the most appropriate facility (specialist) to perform functional diagnostics.

Even if you have a combination of multiple types (for example: mobility limitation + dyslexia), you will only undergo one functional diagnostics, so we recommend that you contact the specialist in "all types of disabilities".

Bring a current and valid health certificate to the functional diagnostic interview.

2. Visit to the Study Division and informed consent

The next step is to deliver the completed FD to the Study Division of the 3 FM CU, and sign informed consent. By doing so, you agree that the information about your classification as a student with special needs will be entered into the "Student" information system. This information is not publicly available, it is only for the Faculty internal records and can only be accessed by the staff of the Study Division.

The informed consent form can be found here: informed consent

From the time you sign the informed consent, you are eligible for the study modifications outlined in the FD review.

3. Personal meeting with the contact person

The recommended step is a personal meeting with the contact person, PhDr. Hana Svobodová, Ph.D. Personal contact is the best way to establish a successful cooperation. This meeting should be arranged in advance (see contact) and usually takes place in Dr. Svobodová´s office. You will bring a copy of the FD report to the meeting and discuss with the contact person the practical measures resulting from the report. You will discuss further procedure, particularly how to communicate with teachers.

You can contact the contact person at any time during your studies with any difficulties related to your special needs.

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