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Time compensation for exams

Time compensation is granted to the student for a specific type of study control (written or oral examination, without distinction for examination or credit, for specialist subjects and/or for languages); it is a percentage increase in time compared to the standard. It is determined when the FD is developed and may be 25, 50, 75 or 100% of the extra time. If, according to the functional diagnostic assessment, the student is entitled to the time compensation, all teachers concerned must be informed in time. At the beginning of the semester, you must tell all of your instructors that you are in their group and that you are eligible for these (or other) exam modifications. However, you must remind your instructor before each exam/credit to make sure that he/she is counting on you for a specific date and has the opportunity to arrange for extended time supervision, possibly taking the exam in a separate room, etc. in a timely manner. It is not enough if you are registered for the exam date in SIS (the teacher may not notice you in the long list of students), in your own interest contact the teacher (by email or in person), remind him/her that you are entitled to time compensation and tell him/her which date you are going to, at least one week in advance. If you do not do this at all or at the last minute, the teacher is not obliged to accommodate you. You do, however, have the right to withdraw from the exam by the due date; if you choose to do so, it is a courtesy to tell the instructor.

Individual consultations, tutoring

Individual consultations are arranged by the student with the instructor. However, individual consultations should not be confused with tutoring, which can be provided to students with special needs in the form of study assistance. This assistance is based on inter-student assistance, by older students, usually paid by the university, providing this assistance in particular:

  • acquiring study materials

  • reading texts, accompaniment,

  • taking notes of lectures,

  • general study support,

  • direct study support in specific situations.

The assistance is sponsored by the Carolina Centre, it is usually performed by fellow students, and you can find out all the information about it at this link.

Accessibility of buildings

Complete information on accessibility ("barrier-free") of all faculties of Charles University can be found at this link. The information is updated every 1-2 years as modifications are made to improve accessibility.

Recording/Transcription Services

In-class note-taking is provided for students with hearing impairments and these services are provided as part of the learning assistance service. Notes may be supplemented after the class (especially by the instructor) with additional information that is relevant to the material. Simultaneous transcription services are referred to as transcription services. This is a verbatim transcription of spoken speech in real time. Student-assistants taking transcripts can be trained in transcription by the staff of the Institute of Deaf Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and benefit from their methodological support. After agreement with the student and in cooperation with the lecturers, the Faculty contact person provides transcription services for individual students. The transcribers are provided by the Institute of Deaf Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University through the Czech Union of the Deaf or other organizations, and this service is provided by properly trained transcribers who, according to the "dictation of the speaker", enter the text into the computer in real time. 

Interpreting services

Interpreting services can be used by (typically deaf) students for all situations related to their studies. They are most often used during classes, consultations, when dealing with study matters and communicating with CU staff. As with transcription services, the service is arranged by the contact person of the 3 FM CU in agreement with the student and the lecturers. The contact person negotiates the specifics and scope of cooperation with the interpreter and subsequently supervises the fulfilment of the terms of the contractual relationship. The specific dates of the interpreting sessions are agreed individually with the students. Interpreters are provided by the Institute of Deaf Studies of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, the Czech Union of the Deaf or other organizations. The link to the service can be found here: Transcription services

Lending of aids

Students with special needs can borrow study aids according to their needs during their studies. This service is offered by the Carolina Centre and is available to all students who are in the special needs register in the Student Information System at their home university. The basic loan period is six months, with the possibility of further extensions if there are no other people registered to borrow study aids. It is possible to borrow laptops, dictaphones, readers, pocket magnifiers, special keyboards and mice for PC. Some of these aids can be borrowed directly from the Faculty contact person. For a complete list of the aids offered, loan regulations, and contact information for the person responsible, please see https://centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CC-44.html.

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