Completed grants

  • AZV ČR 16-29182A Effect of EXercise training and Omega-3 fatty acids on metabolic health and DYsfunction of Adipose tissue in elderly 2016-2019

  • GAČR 16-14048S Limited adipose tissue expandability as a risk factor for development of type 2 diabetes: the role of preadipocytes (LIMEX) 2016-2018

  • GAČR 16-00477S LYMPHAT- Lymphatic stasis as a modulator of adipose tissue expansion and inflammation 2016-2018

  • IGA MZ ČR The role of fatty acids in the regulation of adipose tissue immune status 2013-2015

  • GAČR P301/11/0748 The role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the pathogenesis of obesity-related inflammation in human adipose tissue 2010-2013

  • FP7 Health-2007-A Adipokines as Drug Targets to Combat Adverse Effects of Excess Adipose Tissue (PI-Prof. Dr. Juergen Eckel, German Diabetes-Center) 2008-2012

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