Laboratory of Physiology a nd Pathophysiology of Adipose Tissue

The Laboratory of Physiology and Pathophysiology of Adipose Tissue has long focused on the study of various metabolic, immune, cellular and other aspects of human adipose tissue under both normal and pathophysiological conditions. Experimental work includes comprehensive analysis of samples from clinical studies on volunteers and in vitro experiments on primary human cell cultures, particularly adipocytes isolated from small subcutaneous biopsies. The laboratory has a long-standing collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Dominique Langin, with whom it forms the Franco-Czech Clinical Research Laboratory on Obesity.



  • Lenka Rossmeislová, PhD, Researcher ID D-1931-2013

  • Michaela Šiklová, PhD, Researcher ID G-6939-2015

  • Michal Koc, PhD, Researcher ID D-1234-2014

  • Jana Kračmerová, PhD (parental leave)

  • Eva Krauzová, MD PhD

  • Zuzana Varaliová, PhD student

  • Marek Wilhelm, PhD student

  • Viktor Šebo, PhD student


  • Lucia Mališová, PhD

  • Veronika Šrámková, PhD

  • Zuzana Wedellová, MD, PhD

  • Marek Štěpán, MD

  • Barbora Ondrůjová

  • Lenka Beranová

  • Iveta Humlová

  • Zuzana Pařízková

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