MUDr. Helena Hovorová

MUDr. Helena Hovorova

I was born on June 11, 1953, in Prague, in 1969 I spent a year in Canada, where I attended high school and had the opportunity to acquire knowledge of English. My father was a Dr. and he worked here at Simon Fraser University - BC as a professor of entomology, dealing with insect pathology.

I graduated from the Faculty of General Practice of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague in 1978 nad during my studies I got married. Between the third and fourth year of my medicine studies I had a son and in 1979 a daughter. In 1982, I passed the first-degree attestation in General Practice. Since 1982 I have worked as a general practitioner at OUNZ Prague 4, in 1988 I passed the attestation II. degree from General Medicine and led the dept. of general medicine in Jižní město. In 1992, I successfully passed the competition for the position of assistant for teaching general practice at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University, where I assisted in the establishment of the Institute of General Practice of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University.

In 1993, I became one of the first private general practitioners in Prague. Together with my husband, who is a dentist, we built a shared office. In 1995 I started working in the Matra project, which was a collaboration of the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University with the Department of Family Medicine of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. That is how the teaching of family medicine at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, which was part of the Center for Preventive Medicine, began. Dr. Hovorová is looking forward to being part of the new team.

I was always trying to forward the love for my profession, there is a big number of students in undergraduate and postgraduate preparation who passed education in my office and on the Medical Faculty. Differential diagnostic in office of general practitioner is little bit different than in other medicine professions and I love it. It is something like a detective story.

Medicine is important for me, but it is not my whole life. I love painting, music and of course my family and friends, I am looking forward to see you all.

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