Subjects Code for Erasmus+

Master's Study Program

  Code Title
detail CERA0P0018 ERASMUS - Practice - Internal Medicine
detail CERA0P0019 ERASMUS - Practice - Surgery
detail CERA0P0020 ERASMUS - Practice - Plastic Surgery
detail CERA0P0021 ERASMUS - Practice - Nursing
detail CERA0P0022 ERASMUS - Practice - Paediatrics
detail CERA0P0023 ERASMUS - Practice - Gynaecology
detail CERA0P0024 ERASMUS - Practice - Neurosurgery
detail CERA0P0025 ERASMUS - Practice - General Practice
detail CERA0P0026 ERASMUS - Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
detail CERA0P0031 ERASMUS - Urology
detail CERA0P0032 ERASMUS - Burns Medicine
detail CERA0P0033 ERASMUS - Preventive Medicine
detail CERA0P0034 ERASMUS - Nutrition
detail CERA0P0035 ERASMUS - Occupational Medicine
detail CERA0P0036 ERASMUS - Sport Medicine
detail CERA0P0037 ERASMUS - Epidemiology
detail CERA0P0038 ERASMUS - Family Medicine
detail CERA0P0039 ERASMUS - Pharmacology
detail CERA0P0040 ERASMUS - Pathology and pathophysiology
detail CERA0P0041 ERASMUS - Czech for Foreigners - Beginners I
detail CERA0P0042 ERASMUS - Czech for Foreigners - Beginners II
detail CERA0P0043 ERASMUS - Czech for Foreigners - Intermediate
detail CERA0P0063 ERASMUS - Practice - Onkology
detail CERA3P0047 ERASMUS - Hematology and Oncology
detail CERA4P0044 ERASMUS - Neurobehavioral Sciences I.
detail CERA4P0048 ERASMUS - Cardiology, Angiology, Cardiac surgery, Pneumology
detail CERA4P0049 ERASMUS - Nephrology, urology, rheumatology and geriatrics
detail CERA4P0050 ERASMUS - Hygiene, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine IV.
detail CERA4P0051 ERASMUS - Pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics - summer
detail CERA4P0052 ERASMUS - Diabetology, endocrinology, gastroenterology and abdominal Surgery
detail CERA4P0053 ERASMUS - Orthopedics, traumatology, anaesthesiology and resuscitation
detail CERA4P0054 ERASMUS - Medical Ethics and Humanities IV.
detail CERA4P0055 ERASMUS - Pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics - winter
detail CERA4P0070 ERASMUS - Neurology (NS I.)
detail CERA4P0071 ERASMUS - Psychiatry (NS I.)
detail CERA5P0072 ERASMUS - Public Health and Medical Law III.
detail CERA5P0074 ERASMUS - Medical Ethics and Humanities V.
detail CERA5P0075 ERASMUS - Hygiene, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine V.
detail CERA5P0076 ERASMUS - Dermatovenerology
detail CERA5P0077 ERASMUS - Infection and Geographic Medicine
detail CERA5P0078 ERASMUS - Surgical Disciplines I.
detail CERA5P0079 ERASMUS - Orthopaedics
detail CERA5P0080 ERASMUS - Maxillofacial Surgery
detail CERA5P0081 ERASMUS - Paediatrics - I.
detail CERA5P0082 ERASMUS - Clinical Genetics
detail CERA5P0083 ERASMUS - Gynaecology and Obstetrics - I.
detail CERA5P0084 ERASMUS - Summer practice in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
detail CERA5P0085 ERASMUS - Neurobehavioral sciences - Neurology
detail CERA5P0086 ERASMUS - Neurobehavioral sciences - Psychiatry
detail CERA5P0087 ERASMUS - Clinical Biochemistry
detail CERA5P0088 ERASMUS - Internal Medicine - I.
detail CERA5P0089 ERASMUS - Critical Care
detail CERA5P0090 ERASMUS - Ophtalmology
detail CERA5P0091 ERASMUS - Otorhinolaryngology
detail CERA5P0092 ERASMUS - Summer Practice in Compulsory Field
detail CERA5P0093 ERASMUS - Forensic Medicine
detail CERA5P0094 ERASMUS - Module of Neurobehavioral Scieces - Neurosurgery
detail CERA5P0095 ERASMUS - Medical Psychology
detail CERA5P0096 ERASMUS - Summer Practice of Surgery
detail CERA6P0055 ERASMUS - Module of Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine II.
detail CERA6P0056 ERASMUS - Module of Paediatrics - Peadiatrics II.
detail CERA6P0057 ERASMUS - Module of Gynaecology and Obstetrics - Gynaecology and Obstetrics II.
detail CERA6P0058 ERASMUS - Module of Surgery
detail CERA6P0059 ERASMUS - Module of Preventive Medicine

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