The Erasmus+ programme - the new EU programme for education, youth and sport due to begin in January 2014. Through Erasmus+ programme several tens of students each year travel from Third Faculty of Medicine for study period abroad in another European education institution.

  • Who - Students who are enrolled in study programme at CU

  • Where - Studens must carry out their mobility activity in Programme Country different from Czech Republic

  • When - After they are properly enrolled at least in the second year of studies

For how long - From 3 to 12 months for Study Period, from 2 to 12 months for Traineeship (Practical Placment). One month is considered to be 30 days.


  1. Student apply to take part in selection procedures according to the condition stipulated by the selection commission.

  2. Nomination - students who have been successful in a selection procedure can be nominated. Students are nominated by the faculty coordinator through the online system.

  3. Student will apply through the on-line system at

  4. Study plan - the study plan abroad must correspond to the study programme folowed by a student at Third Faculty of Medicine.

  5. Partner institutions inform students that they have been accepted for a study period abroad by sending a letter of acceptance.

  6. Students recieve a grant on the basis of a Decision of the Dean.

  7. Student has to sign financial documents - Financial Agreement.

  8. Transfering grant to student's bank account.


  1. Changes to the study plan - all changes should be formally notified within 1 month of the start of the studies.

  2. Extending the study period - can be extended if this is in accordance with Qualifying Conditions of the Erasmus programme.


Student must submit following documents:

  1. Transcript

  2. Confirmation of Erasmus+ study period

  3. Final report

Organising study periods abroad through the Erasmus programme requires an administrative procedure which has been simplified by CU´s on-line system. Through this system every participant in the Erasmus+ programme can follow the individual administrative steps and the current position, dowload the necessary documents in pdf format, check the date, etc. The Erasmus programme on-line system uses data from the Student Information system (SIS) and information about bilateral agreement on the basis of which a student is nominated for a study period abroad.

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