Study materials for premedical courses

Recomended Books


Campbell N.A., Reece J.B., Mitchell L.G.: Biology

Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.1999

ISBN 0-8053-6573-7


Hein, Pattison, Arena: Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry, 11th Edition

John Wiley, 2013

ISBN 978-1-118-50189-4


Sternheim M.M.,Kane J.W.: General Physics 

John Wiley, N.Y. 1991

ISBN 0-471-52278-3

Study materials


biology and genetics in questions208 K02.02.2016
Nobel prizes for medicine or physiology126 K05.04.2022
008-Premedical_Cell_communication2 M08.04.2018
009_Premedical_Cell_cycle_and_Mitosis794 K28.01.2016
010-Premedical_Meiosis714 K02.02.2016
011-Mendel-and-Gene-idea969 K06.02.2015
012-The-Chromosomal-Basis-of-Inheritance4 M08.02.2013
013-Genetics-in-Humans5 M08.02.2013
014-Cytogenetics-in-Humans4 M08.02.2013
015-Single-gene-Disorders7 M08.02.2013
016-Chromosome-Disorders2 M08.02.2013
017-Multifactorial-Genetic-Disorders3 M08.02.2013
018-Population-Genetics153 K08.02.2013
019-Evolution-of-Populations2 M08.02.2013
020-DNA-technology13 M08.02.2013
031-Endocrine-System3 M09.04.2013
032-Nervous-Systems18 M09.04.2013
032-Neurons-Synapses-and-Signaling9 M09.04.2013
033-Controlling-the-Internal-Environment2 M09.04.2013
034-Sensory-Mechanism2 M09.04.2013
036-The-Immune-System508 K16.05.2013
037-Nutritional-Requirements-259 K09.04.2013
038-Evolution-of-Humans5 M09.04.2013
039-Ecology284 K22.05.2013
1-Premedical-Study-of-life2 M14.01.2021
2-Premedical-Viruses2 M14.01.2021
21-Premedical_Development int931 K25.03.2020
22-Premedical_Tissue3 M02.04.2020
23-Premedical_Motor_mechanism2 M03.04.2020
24-Premedical_Circulatory_system966 K06.04.2020
25-Premedical_Respiratory2 M08.04.2020
26-Premedical_Digestive2 M15.04.2020
27-Premedical_Excretory2 M17.04.2020
28-Premedical_Reproductive2 M22.04.2020
29-Premedical_skin372 K02.05.2020
3-Premedical-Bacteria2 M08.04.2018
35-Premedical Blood2 M02.05.2020
4-Premedical-Cell2 M17.01.2021
5-Premedical-Molec-bas-of-inh3 M19.01.2022
6-Premedical-From-Gene-to-Protein2 M19.01.2022
7-Premedical_Regulation_of_gene_expression786 K22.01.2022


0-WORKBOOK for Preparatory Course2 M14.09.2020
00-Syllabus of Chemistry for Premedical Course19 K17.02.2011
000-Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry (textbook)9 M13.01.2015
001-Chapter from Chemistry 1 (ES)29 K20.02.2013
002-Chapter from Chemistry 2 (ES)18 K20.02.2013
003-Chapter from Chemistry 3 (ES)37 K25.05.2012
006-Chapter from Chemistry 6 (ES)153 K25.05.2012
007-Chapter from Chemistry 7 (ES)21 K25.05.2012
008-Chapter from Chemistry 8 (ES)39 K25.05.2012
010-Chemical Calculations (VK)56 K17.02.2011
011-Inorganic Nomenclature - Overview (VK)153 K05.05.2014
012-Naming Inorganic Compounds (VK)31 K17.02.2011
013-Naming Inorganic Compounds - Exercise (VK)14 K17.02.2011
100-Hydrocarbons - Appendix (VK)170 K18.02.2016
101-Introduction to Organic Chemistry - Part 1 (lecture 1)79 K18.02.2016
102-Introduction to Organic Chemistry - Part 2 (lecture 2)97 K18.02.2016
103-Isomers (lecture 3)93 K29.02.2016
104-Hydrocarbons (lecture 4)708 K29.02.2016
105-Alcohols, phenols, thiols, ethers, and sulfides (lectures 5 and 6)164 K09.03.2016
106-Carbonyl Compounds (lectures 7 and 8)147 K21.03.2016
107-Carboxylic Acids (lectures 9 and 10)210 K21.03.2016
108-Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids (lectures 11 and 12)99 K24.03.2016
109-Sulfonic Acids and Derivatives of Carbonic Acid (lecture13)68 K04.04.2016
110-Amines and Nitrocompounds (lectures 14 and 15)113 K04.04.2016
111-Homework on Chemical Reactions (solved)11 K08.04.2016
112-Heterocyclic Compounds (lecture 16)199 K12.04.2016
113-Nucleotides (lecture 16)140 K12.04.2016
114-Saccharides (lecture 17)742 K21.04.2016
115-Lipids (lecture 18)688 K12.04.2016
116-Proteins (lecture 19)2 M21.04.2016

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