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PhDr. Petr Honč, Ph.D.

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PhDr. Petr Honč, Ph.D.

Schedule of premedical courses

Upon your arrival, we will register you in the university system, which will give you a complete overview of your schedule. To give you an idea, here is random timetable. Your personal timetable may be different.

Testing methods during the course

The student’s progress is monitored and evaluated by written tests and student’s activity in the lessons. Written tests give an information about knowledge of the presented topics for participants and teacher.

Certificate of course completion

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can pick it up at the study division.

Study materials for premedical course

Recomended Books


Campbell N.A., Reece J.B., Mitchell L.G.: Biology

Addison Wesley Longman, Inc.1999

ISBN 0-8053-6573-7


Hein, Pattison, Arena: Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry, 11th Edition

John Wiley, 2013

ISBN 978-1-118-50189-4


Sternheim M.M.,Kane J.W.: General Physics

John Wiley, N.Y. 1991

ISBN 0-471-52278-3

Study materials


biology and genetics in questions208 K02.02.2016
Nobel prizes for medicine or physiology84 K05.01.2024
011-Mendel-and-Gene-idea969 K06.02.2015
012-The-Chromosomal-Basis-of-Inheritance4 M08.02.2013
013-Genetics-in-Humans5 M08.02.2013
014-Cytogenetics-in-Humans4 M08.02.2013
015-Single-gene-Disorders7 M08.02.2013
016-Chromosome-Disorders2 M08.02.2013
017-Multifactorial-Genetic-Disorders3 M08.02.2013
018-Population-Genetics153 K08.02.2013
019-Evolution-of-Populations2 M08.02.2013
020-DNA-technology13 M08.02.2013
031-Endocrine-System3 M09.04.2013
032-Nervous-Systems18 M09.04.2013
032-Neurons-Synapses-and-Signaling9 M09.04.2013
033-Controlling-the-Internal-Environment2 M09.04.2013
034-Sensory-Mechanism2 M09.04.2013
036-The-Immune-System508 K16.05.2013
037-Nutritional-Requirements-259 K09.04.2013
038-Evolution-of-Humans5 M09.04.2013
039-Ecology284 K22.05.2013
1-Premedical-Study-of-life2 M13.01.2023
10_Premedical_Meiosis870 K31.01.2023
2-Premedical-Viruses2 M13.01.2023
2-Premedical-Viruses6 M10.01.2024
21-Premedical_Development int931 K25.03.2020
22-Premedical_Tissue3 M21.03.2023
23-Premedical_Motor_mechanism2 M03.04.2020
24-Premedical_Circulatory_system966 K06.04.2020
25-Premedical_Respiratory2 M08.04.2020
26-Premedical_Digestive2 M15.04.2020
27-Premedical_Excretory2 M17.04.2020
28-Premedical_Reproductive2 M22.04.2020
29-Premedical_skin372 K02.05.2020
3-Premedical-Bacteria2 M13.01.2023
3-Premedical-Bacteria6 M12.01.2024
35-Premedical Blood2 M02.05.2020
4-Premedical-Cell2 M15.01.2023
5-Premedical-Molec-bas-of-inh7 M17.01.2024
6-Premedical-From-Gene-to-Protein2 M19.01.2023
7-Premedical_Regulation_of_gene_expression2 M24.01.2023
8-Premedical_Cell_communication2 M25.01.2023
9-Premedical_Cell_cycle_and_Mitosis2 M26.01.2023


0-WORKBOOK for Preparatory Course2 M14.09.2020
00-Syllabus of Chemistry for Premedical Course19 K17.02.2011
000-Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry (textbook)9 M13.01.2015
001-Chapter from Chemistry 1 (ES)29 K20.02.2013
002-Chapter from Chemistry 2 (ES)18 K20.02.2013
003-Chapter from Chemistry 3 (ES)37 K25.05.2012
006-Chapter from Chemistry 6 (ES)153 K25.05.2012
007-Chapter from Chemistry 7 (ES)21 K25.05.2012
008-Chapter from Chemistry 8 (ES)39 K25.05.2012
010-Chemical Calculations (VK)56 K17.02.2011
011-Inorganic Nomenclature - Overview (VK)153 K05.05.2014
012-Naming Inorganic Compounds (VK)31 K17.02.2011
013-Naming Inorganic Compounds - Exercise (VK)14 K17.02.2011
100-Hydrocarbons - Appendix (VK)170 K18.02.2016
101-Introduction to Organic Chemistry - Part 1 (lecture 1)79 K18.02.2016
102-Introduction to Organic Chemistry - Part 2 (lecture 2)97 K18.02.2016
103-Isomers (lecture 3)93 K29.02.2016
104-Hydrocarbons (lecture 4)708 K29.02.2016
105-Alcohols, phenols, thiols, ethers, and sulfides (lectures 5 and 6)164 K09.03.2016
106-Carbonyl Compounds (lectures 7 and 8)147 K21.03.2016
107-Carboxylic Acids (lectures 9 and 10)210 K21.03.2016
108-Derivatives of Carboxylic Acids (lectures 11 and 12)99 K24.03.2016
109-Sulfonic Acids and Derivatives of Carbonic Acid (lecture13)68 K04.04.2016
110-Amines and Nitrocompounds (lectures 14 and 15)113 K04.04.2016
111-Homework on Chemical Reactions (solved)11 K08.04.2016
112-Heterocyclic Compounds (lecture 16)199 K12.04.2016
113-Nucleotides (lecture 16)140 K12.04.2016
114-Saccharides (lecture 17)742 K21.04.2016
115-Lipids (lecture 18)688 K12.04.2016
116-Proteins (lecture 19)2 M21.04.2016

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