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Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University offers the 5 month preparatory course in English for international applicants.

The intensive premedical course have aim to give students chance to be maximally prepared for successful entrance examinations to study General Medicine in English Curriculum. The course is devoted to biology, chemistry and physics – the subjects that are tested in the entrance examinations for medical studies. In addition there are to other classes taught: Basics of Communication in the Czech Language and medical English.

The course is on the academic level of university education and is held in the Third Faculty of Medicine building in Prague. The heads of the departments of the Third Faculty of Medicine supervises all lectures. Upon completion of this course (May 25th 2018) an entrance examinations for the general medicine study at the Faculty will be given.


Any international applicant interested in taking this course can apply (application form) for entering the Premedical course without any entrance examination provided the fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Student must be of the minimum age of 18

  2. Verified copy of high school leaving certificate certified with an Apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education of the country you studied and official study reports from each study year, list of subjects with number of lessons. These documents have to be provided together with the officially verified English or Czech translation.

  3. Official validation of all above-mentioned certificates could be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country or by official notary’s office of Czech Embassy/Consulate.

  4. Medical report to certify that you are physically and mentally fit to start a course of study.

Application form and enclosures should be sent to the above faculty address.


  • The deadline for applications is October 15th 2017


  • The deadline for enrolling is January 9th 2018 at the faculty.

  • More information about organization, schedule, tuition fee and contacts.

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