How much does it cost to live in Prague?

For a student, living in Prague costs around 300-400€ per month plus the costs of leisure activities. To illustrate the living costs, please check, for example, the following web sites:

- https://www.studyin.cz/live-work/living-costs/

- https://msmstudy.eu/czech-republic/living-costs-in-the-czech-republic/

How much does student accommodation cost in Prague?

Prague is known for being an affordable city, that’s why you will be able to find accommodation for students for an affordable price. You will be able to find rooms from 300€ per month. To find out some examples, please check:

- https://erasmusplay.com/

- https://www.studentreality.cz/

It is also possible to live in a student dormitory, but the prices are similar to commercial rental rates and we would recommend to arrange private accommodation. Anyway, if interested in this option, you may check:

- https://kam.cuni.cz/KAMEN-31.html

Official guide for Charles University international students

- https://cuni.cz/UKEN-555-version1-guide_aktualizace_rijen_2020.pdf

Diploma recognition

Importantly, one of the mandatory next steps consists of having your diploma checked by local authorities to provide so-called diploma recognition. It is mandatory for any student/employee, but the requirements vary country-to-country. See the following links for more details:

- https://cuni.cz/UKEN-593.html

- https://cuni.cz/UKEN-593-version1-formy_overeni_abecedni_seznam_statu_ss.pdf

What is the relationship between the PhD day and a graduate board?

The graduate boards are official panels of researchers that supervise PhD programs at universities and recommend applicants for PhD programs. Students applying to the PhD study are obliged to name their future PhD supervisor. PhD day is an efficient way to find him/her.

If I do not manage to complete the application by the deadline, can I still participate in the PhD Day?

It is possible to contact your chosen supervisor directly and manage an individual interview with him/her.

If I do not participate in the PhD Day, can I still be accepted to the PhD programme at the Third Faculty of Medicine?

Yes, you can. The goal of the PhD Day is to bring the supervisors and applicants together on one day to find a match. Applicants can arrange their interviews with supervisors independently of the official PhD Day, but the vast majority of free positions are expected to be filled during the PhD day or by the applicants who already have established personal links with the participating clinics.


After admission to the PhD program, the student receives a fellowship of 11 000 CZK/month. Ask your selected supervisor for possible additional funds (e.g., part-time salary or other common opportunities.

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