Ph.D. Day schedule

The PhD Day will take place on 23 March 2022 in Building A (main building) of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Ruská 87, 100 00, Prague 10 in the Radana Konigová Hall (second floor).

Candidates will register and upload their prepared presentations (in English) to a dedicated PC (between 8 and 9 AM).

At 9 AM candidates will be briefly welcomed by the committee, the Vice-Dean for PhD studies and the Vice-Dean for Science.

Afterwards, the individual candidates will introduce themselves in a short presentation (five minutes), in which they will summarize the information they consider relevant for their future PhD studies. You may talk about your motivation to study at the Third Faculty of Medicine, what research you may have done, the aim of your diploma thesis (please note that you need to clearly describe the topic of your research to someone who is most likely only superficially familiar with the respective study subject), your qualities or activities that would indicate that you will become a successful scientist etc. Please focus only on the most important points. Five minutes of discussion will follow.

The PhD day will be live-streamed online, so that supervisors who cannot attend in person, or other members of the labs where the candidates are applying, will be able to participate. For candidates from abroad or affected by COVID19 issues, who cannot attend in person, the link to the live stream will be provided and will be allowed to present themselves online.

Candidates will then have a private 30-minute interview with a supervisor (a maximum of three potential supervisors). Precise schedule will be available only after all the applications are received and screened.

At the end of the interviews, the candidates will be invited to discuss the next steps with the potential supervisors, i.e., how to proceed with the application procedure or diploma recognition, or other issues of interest. Likewise supervisors may contact candidates with additional questions. In general we strongly suggest to interact afterwards.

Three candidates for the Dean's Award will be announced (to be decided by the committee), with the final selection being the responsibility of the Dean and dependent on whether the PhD candidate will indeed become a Ph.D. student of the faculty.

At the end of the day there will be socialization activities in collaboration with TRIMED (Association of students of the Third Faculty of Medicine)

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