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Relationship to the Body

Research performed by Mgr. Miloš Mauer "Relationship to the Body".

Spring 2009.

Commentary, Statistics

Dear students,

There is attached questionnaire measuring your relationship to your body. In this phase I use this questionnaire mainly for facilitation of discussion on LF3, if there will be enough time, it can be more developed in future and used for larger population.

There is number of answers at each variant of each question, divided among man and women, interesting foundings are emphasized by green colour. I don´t use percentages for you, because your sample was pretty small, 17 males, 13 females.

Maximum points for questionnaire is 113, maximum points achieved was 108, minimum 41 (both by czech students), average points are 84 for you, and 80 for czech students. However, we cannot easily compare you with czech students, for you are little bit different population sociologicaly and psychologicaly. The average number of achieved points is quite high in comparison to maximum points, so results are not bad.  

It has showed up with czech students, that those who answered „yes“ to question 47 and those who answered „negative“ to question 54, had on the average less number of points achieved in comparison to those, who aswered precisely the other way round. This relation was more stronger with women, whose sample was also larger than sample of men (70/34)

There are emphasized some questions in the questionnaire, because of the interesting answers, pessimistic result is that many of you feel at least sometimes axhausted. Very interesting with your sample is, that are critical about their body sometimes even more than women.

Theoretically, the more points you have, the better is you relationship to your body. I assume, that good relationship to your body means better self-confidence, and cosequently better relationship to other people, ability to be happy etc. If we perceive body as living organism, which is not merely bunch of the matter, or just opposite of the soul, but is somehaw intertwinned with the soul, it should bring more ethical understanding. Many ethical problems are caused by treatment of the body as a bunch of (dead) matter, with which we can manipulate as much as we like.

Results are little bit relative in that sense, that narcisstic people or people which don´t or didn´t experience much problems in their lives, often have also more points, on the contrary people, who suffer or suffered big stress, physical or psychical, can score less. Every big stress affect soul, body, and relationship to the body (and to oneself). Qualitatively, there is difference between somebody who scores more, but who hasn´t  good groud for that and first big stress wil put him down, and somebody, who scores more, but who has came to that point through some life experiences, often somehaw with some obstacles or suffering, his ground is than more stable.

Theoretically I utilize approach of Biosynthesis and Bioenergetics, which is part of the so called „body oriented psychotherapy“, more on

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