Sir Karl Popper in Prague

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Sir Karl Popper
Sir Karl Popper
Autumn 1992 - Professor Höschl invites Sir Karl Popper to Prague. Sir Karl postpones the visit till Spring 1993 explaining that at the original date he is engaged in Kyoto where he should be awarded a prestigious prize.

Spring 1993 - Sir Karl Popper's assistant, Melitta Mew, excuses Sir Karl for not coming to Prague due to possible health hazards.

Winter 1993-94 - Professor Ernest Gellner, Central European University, Prague College, invites Sir Karl to give a seminar to staff and students at the Prague College. Sir Karl was delighted to accept. After coordinating his intentions with the Organizational Division of Charles University Rectorate, Professor Höschl renewed the invitation which Sir Karl was delighted to be in a position to accept.

26. 4. 1994 - Professor Höschl invites American financier, George Soros, together with Sir Karl, for a private dinner given by the Third Faculty of Medicine, and for a ceremony in Carolinum.

Monday, 23. 5.1994


Arrival to Prague on a British Airways Flight, No. 856. Sir Karl Popper and his companions are welcomed by Prof. Höschl Dean of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Professor Jiri Musil, Academic Director of the Central European University in Prague, and Professor Richard Rokyta, Deputy Dean for Foreign Relations, the Third Faculty of Medicine.


In the Palace Hotel, Sir Karl receives Marie Heligandova, Documentary Film Company Director.

Tuesday, 24. 5.1994, 10.00

Cars of the Prague Psychiatric Centre provide a sightseeing tour around Prague. Participants: Sir Karl, Melitta Mew, Mr. Mew, Dr. Libiger. Sir Karl expresses the wish to visit the grave of Tycho Brahe and the house in which Johann Kepler had once lived. He then visited the Tynsky Church and Charles Bridge. The Johann Kepler dwelling was unpresentable.


From left to right prof. Höschl, Václav Havel, Karl Popper
From left to right prof. Höschl, Václav Havel, Karl Popper

President Havel receives Sir Karl for an almost 40-minute talk at the Prague Castle.

Wednesday, 25. 5.1994, 9.50

George Soros arrives at Ruzyne Airport on a private jet.


Sir Karl Popper and Professor Leopold Pospisil are awarded Honorary Doctorates in the Carolinum.

Karl Popper, prof. Höschl
Karl Popper, prof. Höschl


Sir Karl meets the Rector of Charles University; Prince Karl Schwarzenberg; George Soros; and other distinguished personalities. Wednesday Afternoon Sir Karl gives several interviews to newspapers and the Documentary Film Company.


Red Wheel Restaurant A dinner served for an intimate circle that included Sir Karl Popper, Mr. George Soros, Melitta Mew, Mr. Mew, Professor Höschl, Professor Musil, Professor Rokyta, Dr. Libiger. What Sir Karl appreciated most were sweet pancakes. Mr. Soros ordered roast duck.

Thursday, 26. 5. 1994, 10.30

A panel discussion (seminar) held by Sir Karl Popper at the Prague College of the CEU.


The "Open Society Prize" Awarding Ceremony: The first winner of the Prize, Sir Karl Popper is decorated by George Soros who delivers a short address on the occasion.

Friday, 27. 5. 1994, 14.50

Departure of Sir Karl on the British Airways Flight, No.857.

Tuesday 31. 5. 1994

Extract from Melitta Mew's fax message addressed to prof. Höschl: "Our minds are still aglow with the most& wonderful memories of our trip to Prague. The reception you and your colleagues gave Sir Karl, my husband and myself was truly heart- warming and will never be forgotten."

Thursday, June 2, 1994

Lidove Noviny, No.129, page 1: "American financier, George Soros, acquires archives of Radio Free Europe: George Soros has instructed his companies to start investing in Central and Eastern Europe. Federal Radio Television Administration accepted his offer that he would take over and fund the archives of Radio Free Europe. G. Soros intends to move the archives to Prague; he plans to spend U.S.$ 15 million on their maintenance and modernizing scheme."

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