J. W. Fulbright Commision

The Fulbright Commission was founded in 1991 by a bilateral agreement between the governments of the United States and the Czech Republic with the objective to enhance mutual understanding through educational, scientific and cultural exchanges based on governmental scholarship programs, information, and advising services.


J. W. Fulbright Commission

Karmelitská 17

118 00 Prague 1

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 222 718 452
, +420 222 729 987

E-mail: fulbright@fulbright.cz

E-mail of the Educational Advisor: advisor@fulbright.cz

E-mail addresses of invidiual employees are in the staff list.


Other long-term goals of the Fulbright Commission are to increase expertise in particular fields, identify new fields in which mutual cooperation is desirable to further development, support outstanding individuals, extend activities by establishing cost sharing programs with participating institutions, spread awareness about the program, and provide information about educational and research opportunities in the USA.


The Fulbright Program and the work of the Fulbright Commission are co-financed by the governments of the United States and the Czech Republic.


The main work of the Fulbright Commission consists of administering fellowships and grants for study, research, and teaching in the U.S. for Czech citizens and in the Czech Republic for U.S. citizens. Program administration includes activities concerning both the selection process and assistance during stay in the other country.

Simultaneously, the Fulbright Commission provides complex, unbiased, and up-to-date information about opportunities for study in the U.S. and free advising services to all interested candidates through its Advising Center operated by the official information network EducationUSA. The Center also serves as a resource for information about study and research in the Czech Republic and assists representatives of U.S. schools and educational organizations.


The Commission is governed by a Board. The Board consists of five American and five Czech members.

The Fulbright Commission is headed by an Executive Director.

Organizational Structure

The office of the Commission consists of:

  • Executive Director

  • Office Manager

  • Office of Scholarship Programs

  • Advising Center

  • Financial Department

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