Student Awards

Prizes for Students and Graduates

1. Prize of Josef Hlávka Foundation

The Josef Hlávka prize for the best students and graduates of public tertiary schools in Prague, the Technical College in Brno and for young talented researchers at the Czech Academy of Science.

Eligibility conditions:

  • Conditions are announced annually, more info on

2. Prize of Minister of Education, Youth and Sports

The prize of Minister of Education, Youth and Sports is awarded to outstanding students and graduates in bachelor, master or doctoral study programmes.

The award consists of a diploma and a material or financial gift.

Eligibility conditions:

  • Extraordinary results in studies and in scientific, research, development, artistic or other creative activity

3. Prize of Rector of Charles University

This prize can be awarded to outstanding students of bachelor or master study programme at the end of their studies for achieving extraordinary results in scientific, research, sport or cultural activity during their university studies.

The prize can be awarded every year to one student of bachelor study programme and to one student of master study programme in health sciences – Prize of Prof. MUDr. Karel Weigner.

Eligibility conditions:

  • student in final year of studies in bachelor or master study programme

  • extraordinary results in scientific, research, sport or cultural activity

4. Extraordinary Prize of Rector of Charles University

The prize is awarded occasionally. It is solemnly delivered to the laureate along with a rector's letter at the session of Scientific Council of Charles University.

Eligibility conditions:

  • a single act or activity carried out in the course of studies and manifesting an extraordinary civic audacity or devotion

  • achievement of extraordinary results out in the course of studies in the area of science or research

  • extraordinary high award for performing cultural or artistic activities or outstanding sport results in international competitions

5. Margaret M. Bertrand Prize

In May 1991, Margaret M. Bertrand, a Canadian professor of English, bestowed the sum of $ 1000 to support the best graduates at the Faculty. This endowment is increased by further contributions from teachers, friends and alumni of the Faculty. Every year the best 6th-year student is awarded from the interest on this deposit. The amount of prize is commensurate to the amount of actual deposit.

Conditions for granting the award:

  • average grade throughout the studies at least 1.2

  • extracurricular activities which contributed to the credit of the faculty

The final selection of candidates takes place during the session of the Academic Senate of the Faculty every May.

6. Vesmír Prize

The prize is awarded annually to two students from each year. The faculty shall arrange annual subscriptions of the magazine Vesmír for the selected students. The Academic Senate has the final word based upon the proposal of the student representatives in the Academic Senate.

Conditions for awarding the prize:

  • average grade for the previous academic year

  • not worse than 1.8

  • extracurricular participation in pedagogical, scientific, cultural and sport activities

7. Dean's Award

1) The Dean may award students who during the course of their studies significantly:

  • manifested their outstanding study, scientific, or teaching skills;

  • represented the 3rd Faculty of Medicine;

  • participated markedly in the organisation of faculty life.

2) The Dean announces his decision to award and it is published by usual faculty means. The decision also includes the form of award.


Relief Fund "Student 3. LF"

In the academic year 1992/93, 3. LF established the PROBIMED foundation to support gifted students who suffered from a material misery. This foundation ceased its function in 1998 in accordance with the law no. 227/1997 „On foundations and funds“. In 1999 the STUDENT 3. LF relief fund was established with the same aim. The property of PROBIMED foundation was transferred to the STUDENT 3. LF relief fund.

The relief fund is administered by a board of trustees:

  • Doc. MUDr. Hana Provazníková, CSc.

  • MUDr. Karel Křikava, CSc.

  • Mgr. Ivan Boháček

  • Ivan Medek

  • Doc. MUDr. Vlasta Rychterová, CSc.

  • Prof. MUDr. Radana Königová, CSc.

  • Prof. MUDr. Jiří Horák, CSc.

  • MUDr. Jitka Patočková, PhD.

  • Věra Tomášková

The board of trustees is responsible for its activities to a supervisory board chaired by Prof. MUDr. Michal Anděl, CSc. with Prof. MUDr. Richard Rokyta, DrSc. and Prof. MUDr. Miloslav Kršiak, DrSc. as members.

The relief fund will according to its programme:

  • provide one-off aid to buy study literature;

  • provide one-off support in a sudden aggravation of social situation.

Rules for granting a financial support:

  • a request must conform to aims of the relief fund;

  • the applicant's average of study results must not be worse than 2,0;

  • a grant application is submitted in writing to the board of trustees;

  • the management of faculty is asked for their opinion.

The STUDENT 3. LF relief fund administers the deposit of the MARGARET M. BERTRAND Prize.

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