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10 September 2020

The Organization of Classes

Dear students,

We would like to welcome you to the beginning of the new academic year. As expected, the winter semester is not starting in the typical manner - especially in Prague, there are many restrictions regarding the teaching at universities. The main difference from the situation in spring, is that practical classes will not be online as opposed to the rest of the classes. We hope together we will be able to cope with the current (escalating) pandemic of COVID-19. Following the instructions of the Rector’s Office of the Charles University and the Regulation of the Prague Public Health Office number 12/2020 (referred to as “the Regulation”) we present you with the instructions regarding the organization of classes in all study programs held at our faculty from the beginning of the academic year 2020/2021. At the same time we would like to point out that you are obligated to obey all the regulations defined by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Charles University, the Third Faculty of Medicine and the departments where the practical classes take place.

1) The Start of the Academic Year

The academic year at the Third faculty of Medicine of the Charles University (referred to as “the faculty”) will start the 29th of September 2020 according to the time table that is available online at rozvrh.lf3.cuni.cz.

2) Lectures and Seminars

In regard to the Regulation lectures and seminars will be held solely online until the 31st of October in the following manner:


The online teaching of a subject will always take place on the same platform (the guarantor of the subject will decide where) - the platforms allowed are MS Teams, Zoom, meet.lf3.cuni.cz, possibly also Adobe Acrobat (used as a complementary platform). The guarantors of individual subjects will inform you about the details of the online classes by email via SIS by the 24th September 2020.


The entire online teaching will take place in real time. There will be no presentations with comments uploaded online or sent to students. During the classes and at the end of the classes there will always be an opportunity for discussion and answering questions.


The entire online classes will be recorded and placed directly or via a link (depending on the platform used) to vyuka.lf3.cuni.cz - the head of the department/clinic will be responsible for the provision and placement of the recordings. Seminars on the same topic taught by the same teacher for different student groups can be uploaded only once.

3) Practical and Clinical Classes


Practical classes (laboratory or microscopy practice, simulations) will take place with the maximum capacity of students present being 15 (this will be ensured by the teacher by modifications to the schedule if needed) and that all the precautionary measures are obeyed (protection of the nose and mouth, disinfection of hands and surfaces).


Clinical practices will take place according to the time table and there will be an effort to reduce the ratio of students to patients - the maximum number of students in the patient room is 5. This limitation does not apply when the clinical practice will be held as an excursion of the department - in this case the maximum number of students is 10. Students must have their mouths and noses protected during their entire stay at the department and they must use disinfectants to sanitize their hands and/or tools (parts of the phonendoscope). The teacher is responsible for the obedience of these rules.


The teachers have been advised to present real casuistics as part of the clinical practices and their detailed analysis if direct contact with patients is limited or if the patients do not agree to participate.


During clinical practices without direct contact with patients (practicing the ECG, X-ray, simulations, etc.) the maximum number of students is 15.


In case that the department cannot provide classes to all students during regular working hours (limitation of people present in one place), students can also be involved in night shifts and substitute for clinical practices in this manner. The head of the department must ensure that the practices will follow the syllabus.


In case there will be a fundamental limitation regarding the clinical practices, simulations may be used to practice practical skills.


If the student cannot be present at the clinical practice due to objective reasons (for example he/she cannot travel to the Czech Republic), he/she should arrange a clinical practice at the place where he/she is currently staying - the student will receive a list of requirements regarding the clinical practice from the guarantor. If the student will provide a confirmation that he/she fulfilled the requirements at the foreign healthcare facility, the guarantor of the subject will acknowledge it. However, the guarantor may verify the fulfillment of the requirements via questions, or the guarantor may determine in what type of facility the clinical practice must take place.

4) Compulsory Optional Courses

The classes of compulsory optional courses will take place in the same manner as the obligatory classes. The teachers are responsible for informing the students about the organization of the compulsory optional courses via SIS by the 2nd of October.

5) Optional Courses

If the teacher is capable of providing the classes of optional courses according to the regulations listed above, the course will take place. If the teacher cannot do so, the course may be cancelled or moved to the summer semester - the teachers are responsible for informing the students about the organization of the compulsory optional courses via SIS by the 2nd of October.

6) Consultations

We advise all students to arrange individual or group consultations, so that, especially the students of year 1, will not feel lost in all the new information. The teachers will offer both types of consultations, alternatively you may ask for them directly.

7) Examinations

Currently all types of examination (credits and exams) will take place in attendance. At the same time, students who cannot be present may be examined online (including State Exams) - the validity of the Arrangement of the Dean number 6/2020 will be prolonged until the end of the academic year 2020/2021.

8) Precautionary measures


At the beginning of the academic year, all students must make sure to electronically confirm at this link http://covid19.lf3.cuni.cz/cestne-prohlaseni/ that they have not been in contact with a person with symptoms of the infection COVID 19, that they are not in quarantine or isolation and that they understand they must not participate in practices if they have symptoms of an acute disease (particularly respiratory). All issues of this nature must be reported and at the beginning of each practice the teacher will check that all students present are feeling healthy and that they are not supposed to be in quarantine or isolation. If any doubts occur, the teacher may not permit the student to attend the practice.


In case a student has symptoms of an acute disease (coughing, runny nose) and he/she intends to attend a practice, the teacher must not permit him/her to participate. Complaints regarding this issue will be addressed by the Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs.


All people spending time in the faculty buildings must have their noses and mouths covered at all times (with the only exception being drinking and eating).


All students must have their noses and mouths covered (with their own facemasks) during practice, alternatively use protective measures as instructed by the department.


If possible, it is necessary to keep the distance of 2m between individuals.

9) Absence in Class

The absence of students during practice due to isolation or quarantine will be addressed by the teacher or head of the department who will determine how to substitute the missed classes.

10) Information for students and staff


All information regarding the measures undertaken due to COVID 19 and issued by the faculty, Charles University, or the state authorities will be available at https://www.lf3.cuni.cz/3LF-1861.html


Guarantors of individual subjects are obliged to inform all students from each year on the organization of classes via SIS by the 24th of September 2020.


In case there shall be changes in the organization of classes due to changes in the situation of a department (excluding the changes listed in article 3d and 6), the guarantor must discuss these changes with the Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs.

11) Discussing Unclear Situations

Any uncertainties regarding the interpretation of the instructions listed above shall be discussed with the Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs via email ( ) or, in urgent situations, via the non-stop SOS phone number 724292312.

As we are preparing for the new academic year, it is important for us to know how many of you cannot attend school from the beginning due to travel/visa/infection control issues. We kindly request those of you who know that they will not be presnet in Prague on 29th September to send this information to including any additional info (anticipated date of arrival etc.) – please specify your study year in the mail. Thank you

Dear students, thank you for your cooperation and observance of the listed regulations.

We believe we will be able to provide you with high-quality classes despite the limitations we are currently facing.

Prof. MUDr. Petr Widimský, DrSc.

MUDr. David Marx, Ph. D


Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs

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