Students with special needs

Before applying

Charles University welcomes all prospective students, including those with various types of disabilities. Before applying for studies, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of individual fields of study and consult the Faculty contact person for students with special needs about your choice of study programme. The contact person at the Third Faculty of Medicine - PhDr. Hana Svobodová, Ph.D., , tel.: 267 102 942.

Modification of the admission procedure

If you are applying to study at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and have special needs, you can apply for a modification of the entrance examination. Modifications most often consist of a longer time to take the exam, increased printing of the test assignment, use of different aids and technologies, wheelchair accessibility, etc. - always tailored to your needs.

If you are requesting a modification, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the Special Treatment Requirements Due to Disability box in the online application and select the type of your disability limitation.

  2. If you know your requirements, you can describe them.

  3. You must upload a scanned, signed Application for Modification of Entrance Examination form with your application, together with the necessary documents proving your disability (medical certificate, recommendation from the pedagogical-psychological counselling centre, etc.).

The application for modification of the entrance examination must be submitted no later than the end of the application period.

Acceptable evidence of disability

In the case of an application for a modification of the admissions procedure (and later for possible registration), you must provide a currently valid document proving your disability. Acceptable documents are:


proof of disability in accordance with Section 67 of Act No. 435/2004 Coll., on Employment, or


proof of disability of any degree in accordance with Section 39 of Act No. 155/1995 Coll., on Pension Insurance, or


a disability card of any degree in accordance with Section 34 of Act No 329/2011 Coll., on granting benefits to persons with disabilities, or


proof of a specific learning disability identified on the basis of results obtained by a generally agreed diagnostics of specific learning disabilities; or


proof of autism spectrum disorder as determined by a comprehensive examination by a clinical psychologist, or


a medical report on the results of a specialist medical examination in the case of persons who cannot provide the evidence referred to in (a) to (e) above, or

Regarding modifications to the admissions process, communicate with the Study Division. In case of questions or uncertainties, you can also contact the contact person. 

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