• Heroes Of Pandemy

Heroes Of Pandemy

Medici Na Ulici – Medical Students In The Streets

75 homeless people live temporarily on Císařská louka in Prague (an island on the Vltava river). Last week, the organization „Hope“ found the space for those having no home to have a place to stay at a dangerous time when other people should stay at their homes. In addition, there has been a room serving as a temporary infirmary since Friday. The wounded are treated by members of the Medicinaulici - medical students who, in their free time, offer basic medical assistance to the homeless. Even in these difficult moments, their guardian angels - students from the Third Faculty of Medicine - offer them medical care. Vašek Melenovský, Anna Ouřadová, Ruth Habart, Karolína Jelínková and Huyen Dao in the improvised infirmary treat leg ulcers, abrasions, injuries. They do this at normal times and continue even now in the pandemy. For this reason, Respekt magazine described them as HEROES OF PANDEMY.

More on https://www.respekt.cz/galerie/medici-na-ulici

Photo: Respekt a Milan Bureš 29. 3. 2020
Photo: Respekt a Milan Bureš 29. 3. 2020

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