• After 50 years in the big auditorium

After 50 years in the big auditorium

They were standing here in the Aula Magna 50 years ago. It was 1969 and the brotherly helpers had been patrolling outside for a year. Today they are sitting here again, some stayed in Czechoslovakia, others came here from abroad only on this occasion of their „Golden Graduation“. Most of them have already turned grey, but they all remember this event 50 years ago very well. The Faculty of Medicine of Hygiene prepared them very well for the successful life of a doctor. The Golden Graduation is not only about remembrance, but also the speeches. This year, besides the spectabilis Dean prof. Widimsky and his magnificence Vice-Rector prof. Royt a speech was also given by the Dean of Emeritus of the Third Faculty of Medicine, prof. Höschl. On behalf of graduates, prof. Černá, who still works at the faculty, gave her speech. Also this year there was a performance of students of the Prague Conservatory and a toast of the Dean with graduates in the festive Patriotic Hall.

Dear colleagues, THANK YOU for 50 years of your work and for the dignified representation of our alma mater.

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