• The Faculty also has building B

The Faculty also has building B

On September 4, 2019, the fifteen-month effort of the faculty management to acquire an adjoining building was completed by the entry in the Land Register. Since September this year the faculty owns two neighbouring properties. The original will now be referred to as "building A" and the new one, formerly managed by the National Institute of Public Health under the name „the Nineteen“, as "building B".

Acknowledgment belongs to all who, through their understanding of the needs of the faculty and its students and their helpfulness in complex negotiations, contributed to this crucial step in the development of the faculty. In the first place it is the management of the National Institute of Public Health and namely its director MUDr. Pavel Březovský. We believe that deepening the cooperation of the Third Faculty of Medicine and the Institute in the future will benefit both institutions. We have had very strong support for our efforts to acquire these properties all the time from Professor H. M. Rector, MUDr. Tomáš Zima and other members of the management of Charles University, including members of the Board of Trustees, JUDr. Jan Wagner and Mrs. M. Oliverius, Quaestor. Tens of hours of patient administrative work was put in these complex negotiations by the Bursar, JUDr. Zdeňka Mužíková and Faculty Lawyer JUDr. Otto Ryneš.

Of course, after agreement was reached on the possible transfer of the building with the land between the faculty / university and the National Institute of Public Health, the proposal underwent many administrative steps and controls at all levels. The preparation of the transfer had strong support from the beginning of our Scientific Council member prof. MUDr. Věra Adámková, Minister of Health Mgr. et Mgr. Adam Vojtěch and other members of the Czech Government, including the Prime Minister. The decisive date was the meeting of the Government of the Czech Republic on 1 July 2019, when a free transfer of the building from the state property to the property of Charles University was approved. We must not forget that the author of the idea and the initiator of the whole project was spectabilis Dean of the Third Faculty of Medicine prof. MUDr. Peter. Widimský. Congratulations to all of them.

The acquisition of new premises will enable the faculty to develop in accordance with the national plan to increase the number of medical students in the coming years. In accordance with the contract on the transfer of the building, the newly acquired premises after the necessary reconstruction will be used exclusively for teaching and related administration. The plan for detailed use is being prepared by the Faculty management. We expect a quick and simple cultivation of the surroundings of the building in the coming weeks and internal adjustments (with the establishment of at least two classrooms with sliding walls and variable capacity of 25-75 students) in 2020. We will keep you informed about further steps.

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