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Ceremonial Assembly on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Third Faculty od Medicine

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16:00 – 16:10

Entrance of Faculty and University Representatives, National Anthem

16:10 – 16:15

Opening Remarks & Introductory Speech given by Prof. MUDr. Monika Arenbergerová, Ph. D.

16:15 – 16:25

Ceremonial Address given by the Dean of the Third Faculty of Medicine, Prof. MUDr. Petr Widimský, DrSc.

Introduction of the 1973 Alumni to Her Magnificence the Rector

16:25 – 16:35

Ceremonial Address given by Her Magnificence the Rector of Charles University, Prof. MUDr. Milena Králíčková, Ph. D.

16:35 – 16:40

Address given by a Graduate of the Medical Faculty of Hygiene, doc. MUDr. Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc.

16:40 – 16:45

Address given by a Graduate of the Third Faculty of Medicine, doc. MUDr. Ondřej Měšťák, Ph. D.

16:45 – 17:00

Musical Performance: A Patella and Clavicula

17:00 – 17:05

Concluding Remarks, Invitation to a Gathering in the Representative Premises of the Carolinum, Prof. MUDr. Monika Arenbergerová, Ph. D.

17:05 – 17:10

Departure of Academic Officials and Faculty Teachers to the Joint Singing of Gaudeamus Igitur


Gathering and buffet-style reception in the representative premises of the Carolinum

Invitation and programme to download

Event start 23 November 2023 at 16:00
Event end 23 November 2023 at 23:59
Type of event Anniversary
Venue Great Auditorium, Carolinum, Ovocný trh 560/5, Praha 1
Reservation marta.reichlova@lf3.cuni.cz until 1.10.2023
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