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15 August 2023

Internship at the heart surgery clinic Herzzentrum Dresden, Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus

Student of General Medicine Andrej Jasovský wrote us from Dresden: „During this summer, I managed to spend 3 weeks at the cardiovascular surgery clinic in Dresden, Germany. Operations here are accompanied individually, by conventional and minimally invasive/endoscopic techniques on the coronary vascular system, on the heart valves and, in the case of congenital heart defects, also on the cavity system of the heart.

In the 87-bed cardiac surgery clinic, around 2,200 heart surgeries are performed annually, cca. 1,800 with and 400 without a heart-lung machine.

There is a very student-friendly atmosphere in such a top workplace. From the first day I had the opportunity to assist in the operating theater. I had the opportunity to try out the role of the 2nd assistant during conventional "sternotomy" operations on the coronary and valvular system, the role of the 1st assistant during mini-invasive methods or to see the demanding emergency solution of aortic dissection or the consequences of pericarditis constrictiva.

In my free time, I mainly devoted myself to getting to know East Germany. In addition to the home station, I visited the historic cities of Meißen, Leipzig, Görtlitz, Bautzen and the well-known capital Berlin.

However, all these experiences could not be possible without the support of our faculty and university. So, in addition to a huge "THANK YOU" to Herzzentrum Dresden, a big THANKS also belongs to my alma mater! It is a great honor to develop myself and represent its good name in the world!“

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