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6 March 2023

Erasmus in Kuopio, Finland

Our 4th year, AmáliePokorná, reporting back from her Erasmus stay at The University of EasternFinland in Kuopio. „I´ve been attending lectures combined with a month-longpractice at the department of gynecology and obstetrics – it´s the field I´minterested in delving deeper into, so I really wanted to see how different theinner workings are in Finland compared to in the Czech Republic. I was the onlystudent on the team, so I had an incredible opportunity see and learn a lot ofpractical tasks first-hand, such as personally treating patients, samplecollection, ultrasound operation; I even got to assist with a surgery.”

“In free time, people usually go skatingor cross-country skiing. Sauna is mandatory, of course. Local studentsassociations organize plenty of events and trips for Erasmus students like me.Actually, next week, we´ll be off on a trip to Lapland, hoping to catch aglimpse of the northern lights. I would consider Finland to be among the more“expensive” countries, but the student discounts make it quite bearable. Lunchat the campus will cost you about 2-3 Euros, or the permit for sportsfacilities for half a year would be 35 Euros, for example.

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