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Charles University is the oldest Central-European University. It was founded by the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV in 1348. The Third Faculty of Medicine is one of the five medical faculties of the Charles University. In the academic year 1991/1992 the Faculty introduced a medical curriculum in English language for international students, as a parallel to the curriculum in Czech language. Both are fully comparable with international standards. For more information about our Faculty, please visit the homepage of the Third Faculty of Medicine: https://www.lf3.cuni.cz/3LFEN-1.html

The clinical basis of the Third Faculty of Medicine is predominantly the University Hospital of Královské Vinohrady in Prague 10 (http://www.fnkv.cz).

Why Choose Third Faculty of Medicine?

3x3 Reasons to Study at The Third Faculty of Medicine
3x3 Reasons to Study at The Third Faculty of Medicine
Now you have the opportunity to obtain a prestigious Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). In Prague Six year full-time program of medical studies at the Third Faculty of Medicine in English curriculum is open for international students from over the world. The program is accredited by Ministry of Education.

  1. Our Faculty is located in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Prague is the seat of the Czech President, the Government and the Parliament of the Czech Republic. It is also the seat of all European and many other embassies. An important highway, railway and air traffic crossroads with daily connections to all major cities in Europe as well as America.

  2. In the academic year 1991/92 the Third Faculty of Medicine introduced a medical curriculum in English for international students. About 100 students from Greece, Canada, Norway, USA, Germany and other countries have since graduated from our Faculty and now work in Europe and North America.

  3. Our curriculum of medicine has since the academic year 1996/97 undergone a radical reform as the only one at medical schools in Central and Eastern Europe, drawing on comparable experience from a number of Western European and North American medical schools. The Third Faculty implemented the curriculum based on principles of integrated and problem–o riented instruction and early contacts with patients.

    The medical studies are divided into three basic cycles:

    Cycle 1 (1st and 2nd year) – Basic Biomedical Sciences - integrates theoretical subjects into the following modules: Structures and Function of Human Body; Cell Biology and Genetics; Biophysics and Informatics; Methodology; Needs of Patients. Besides, there are several free-standing courses (e.g. Medical Terminology - Latin).

    Cycle 2 (3rd and 4th year) - Principles of Clinical Medicine – consists of these modules: Theoretical Foundations of Clinical Medicine, Clinical Propedeutics, Basic Clinical Problems, and Compulsory Optional courses.

    Cycle 3 – (5th and 6th year) Clinical Preparation – consists of these modules – Internal Medicine; Surgery; Gynaecology and Obstetrics; Paediatrics and Preventive Medicine.

  4. The teaching process is regularly evaluated by students. Students are involved in discussions about the framework, and targets of the studies at the Faculty.

  5. Czech language courses are provided for international students during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of study (lessons are included in the curriculum of Cycles 1 and 2 and in the tuition fee) in order to prepare them for communication with patients.

    The basic philosophy of the Faculty is to underline progressive improvement of teacher-student relations.

  6. In the academic year 2012/2013, the Faculty introduces a logbook for its students, which is intended to assist them in getting their bearings around the wide range of practical skills they are obliged to acquire in the course of their studies. The logbook was conceived by the common European initiative EUROSKILLS, which our Faculty also took part in. The logbook thus ensures compatibility of the studies at our Faculty with those in other European countries.

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