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Basic information for applicants

The Third Faculty of Medicine offers the following programme in English language:

Type of study: 

Master program – M.D. degree

(MUDr. = Medicinae Universae Doctor)

Study program:


Form of study:

full – time

Standard duration of study:

six years

The entrance examination dates





Both parts of the entrance examination – written and oral - are going to be held on-line.

The main dates for applicants applying on their own, without an assistance of any student agency, are: 31st May 2021, 1st June 2021

The Faculty also cooperates with student agencies on the admission process.

They may have their own additional requirements or fees set.

Following dates are pre-booked for applicants applying with an assistance of these agencies.

08 February 2021


19 February 2021

Medizin in Europa

07 April 2021

Tutelage Ltd

23 April 2021

Dónde estudiar medicina

03 May 2021

Medical Doorway

24 May 2021

Medical Doorway

25 May 2021

Medical Doorway

29 May 2021

Information Planet

29 May 2021

My Student Adviser

13 June 2021

Medical Doorway

15 June 2021

Study in Prague

25 June 2021

Areti Gregoriou

30 June 2021

Tutelage Ltd

The list of cooperating agencies:

In Germany

  • Medizin – in -

    •For applying through this agency contact Dr. Nils Bergner, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam is February 19th 2021

In United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Ireland

  • Medical Doorway

    •For applying through this agency contact Mr Ben Ambrose, e-mail address:

    •The preffered dates of entrance exams are May 3rd 2021, May 24th 2021, May 25th 2021, June 13th 2021

  • Tutelage Ltd

    •For applying through this agency contact Ms Noreen Nawaz, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam April 7th 2021

In Cyprus

  • Areti Gregoriou

    •For applying through this agency contact Ms Areti Gregoriou, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam is June 25th 2021

In Ireland

  • Yeats College

    •For applying through this agency contact Mr Terry Fahy, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam is.... TO BE COMPLETED

In Israel

  • Medstudy

    •For applying through this agency contact Dr. Arik Alhalel, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam is February 8th 2021

In Norway

  • Study in Prague

    •For applying through this agency contact Åsmund Olaf Bratholm or Carl Isac Jerner, e–mail addresses: ,

    •The preffered date of entrance exam June 15th 2021

In Portugal

  • Information Planet

    •For applying through this agency contact Ms Ana Paula, e-mail: , or Ms Joao Colaço, e-mail:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam is May 29th 2021

  • My Student Adviser

    •For applying through this agency contact Mr. Carlos Xavier, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam May 29th 2021

In Spain

  • Dónde estudiar medicina

    •For applying through this agency contact Ms Sarah Matzenbacher, e-mail address:

    •The preffered date of entrance exam is April 23rd 2021

The alternative date of entrance exams

The alternative date of entrance exams for applicants who are taking part in entrance exams from April 2021 and May 2021 is on Tuesday, June 29th 2021.

For entrance exams in June 2021 the alternative date is set for July 1st 2021.

If you are not able to sit the entrance exams on the date you are registered for, especially from serious health reason, you can ask for the alternative date of entrance exams by e-mail in 3 days from the original date. The medical report is required and the Dean will consider whether your reason is relevant or not.


The deadline for sending the on - line application form, payment of the admission fee and sending the required documents by post for the entrance exams in April and May 2021 is March 31st 2021.

The deadline for sending the on - line application form, payment of the admission fee and sending the required documents by post for the entrance exams in June 2021 is April 30th 2021.

Number of admitted applicants

Maximum 65 students will be admitted for the academic year 2021/2022 to study medicine in English language on the basis of entrance examination, maximum 25 students will be admitted without the need to carry out on entrance examination.

Annual tuition fee

CZK 330.000 (Czech crowns)

The tuition fee covers the period from September 2021 to June 2022 and has to be paid by October 31, 2021.

Requirements for admission procedure

The Faculty seeks students with appropriate academic qualification, good command of English and high motivation to study medicine. The entrance examinations have 2 parts:

1. part - writen multiple - choice tests in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics or Physics

The applicant gets the tests in Mathematics and Physics, he or she chooses, which one he or she will take. After choosing it, the change is impossible. There is 90 questions, 30 questions in each subject. There is only one correct answer out of four.

Minimal and maximal possible number of points is: minimum 0 - maximum 90

The dean will set the minimal number of points to proceed to the second part of the examination based on the results of the first part of the entrance exams.

2. part - an interview, which envolves: interpretation of a popular - scientific text, general overview, the ability of the independent judgment, communication skills

Minimal and maximal possible number of points is: minimum 12 - maximum 62

The number of point required for admission is dermined by the Dean based on the entrance exams results The range of topics for Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics entrance tests can be found here.

Prerequisites for admission without the need to carry out an entrance examination

1a) A-level examination results – Physics or Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology:

Minimum results: A, A, B

The examination must be carried out in the academic year 2019/2020 at the latest


1b) Results of International Baccalaureate (IB) in Area 4 (Experimental Sciences) with Chemistry, Biology and Physics or Mathematics, all in Higher Level:

Total – minimum sum of points from the given 3 subjects: 19

The examination must be carried out in the academic year 2019/2020 at the latest


1c) Results of a comparable examination (e.g. SAT) in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics:

Overall minimum score: 85 percentile

The examination must be carried out in the academic year 2019/2020 at the latest


1d) Study average of school leaving exams subjects (applicants attending secondary education in Germany):

Grade average during the whole period of study: better than 1,30

The applicant must graduate from secondary education in the academic year 2020/2021

2) An applicant for study that wishes to be accepted into the first section of study (first year) without an entrance examination is required to submit an application form for the remission of the entrance examination (application form available here in pdf or docx) together with an application form for study to the Study Division of the Faculty to the March 15, 2021 (the date of postage is decisive).

3) An order of applicants will be drafted based on the criteria above and study grade averages. A maximum of 25 applicants may be admitted without an entrance examination.

Applicants with special needs

Instructions how to fill and send the application form:

  1. Please go to the website: and open the application form

  2. In the application form please:


    tick "Requirements for special treatment due to health handicap"


    fill "Health limitation"


    describe your requirements i.e. longer time for tests, wheelchair accessible lecture hall etc.

  3. Close and send the application form

  4. Pay the admission fee 820 CZK

  5. The doctor´s confirmation of your requirements for special treatment or any confirmation of the relevant institution please send to this address:

    Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles Univesity

    Study division

    Ruská 87

    100 00 Prague 10

    Czech republic

    Please do not print the application and do not send it to the Faculty!

  6. Wait for the invitation to entrance exams, usually send one month before the entrance exams to your e-mail address or to the agency, which help are you applying with.

Admission for studies according to Section 49 (3), Act 111/98 Coll. The Higher Education Act, as amended

Documents required with the application form

The applicant will not be admitted to the entrance examination without the presented requirements:

  1. On – line registration

  2. Verified copy of high school leaving certificate certified with an Apostille or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Education and Czech Embassy of the country you studied in as well and official transcript including all marks/grades and number of hours.

  3. Photocopy of the 1st page of passport

  4. One passport-size photo.

  5. Applicants are requested to send by post the above mentioned documents to the faculty address (see above). The deadlines for sending these fees are the same as the deadlines for sending the application forms (see above).

Admission fee

CZK 820 or equivalent amount in Euro must be made by card (via on–line application – the easiest way) or bank transfer (no check) to the following account of Third Faculty of Medicine:

Name of the account:

Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine

Bank name:

Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, Branch (corporate)


Na Porici 24, 115 20 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Account number:


SWIFT code



CZ 82 0300 0000 0005 0008 1433

Please, print your surname, ID of your application and „Admission Fee“ in the comment. The applicant is to cover all bank expenses, i.e. you should tick this option in your payment order.

When admitted

According to Rector´s decree No. 15/2018 the Faculty is allowed to issue the official decision on admission only if the applicant provides nostrification of secondary education. More information you can find here.

How to fill the on-line nostrification request.

Enrollment to study

The enrollment to study General Medicine master programme will take place during the Orientation camp in Dobronice or in Burianova lecture hall (ground floor of the Faculty building). Before registration you have to provide the nostrificated secondary school certificate or apply for nostrification at the Faculty. Please see Assessment of foreign secondary and tertiary education in the admissions procedure of Charles University

In case this registration date does not suit you because of some serious reason, please let us know by sending an e-mail to to arrange an alternative date.

Orientation camp in Dobronice

A traditional and very beneficial event is a four-day orientation camp for future students of the first study year of all study programmes of our faculty, which will take place at the training center of Charles University in Dobronice. The camp is devided to 2 rounds.

First round takes part from September 6th to September 9th 2021

Second round takes part from September 9th to September 12th 2021

We are the only medical faculty, which organizes training camp for both Czech and foreign students of first study year.

Conditions of participation in the camp:

registration on: by July 24, 2021 at the latest

More information

  1. Textbooks, accommodation and meals are not included in the tuition fee. The cost of living is relatively low in Prague. Accommodation costs approximately € 300 per month whereas the cost of meals is approximately €120.

  2. International students admitted to the Faculty should secure a health insurance for themselves (for all forms of medical treatment) - from their home countries for the duration of their stay in the Czech Republic. Students may make a contract with a Czech health insurance company.

  3. Admitted applicants have to apply for a long stay student visa at the respective Czech Embassy in their home country. This visa is absolutely necessary for international students besides EU and Norway.

  4. All admitted students shall attend 5 days intensive Czech language course in September 21st 2020.

  5. Accommodation for the 1st year international students can be arranged at the Charles University dormitories. (approx. € 250 per month). But the places are limited.

  6. The Faculty offers prospective applicants a 5 month (January-May) preparatory course in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Czech and English Languages.

  7. The academic year 2021/2022 begins on October 1, 2021. A winter semester lasts 15 weeks till the middle of January and is followed by a 4-weeks examination period. At Christmas time, students have a holiday (10-14 days). A summer semester lasts 15 weeks from around February 20 till the end of May. The summer examination period ends 4 weeks later. It continues after the summer holiday during the month of September.

How to contact us

Representative of the Faculty for English Curriculum:

Vice-dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs

David Marx, M.D., Ph.D.

Phone: +420 267 102 176


Fax: +420 272 730 776

Study Division

Phone: +420 267 102 206

Fax: +420 272 730 776

Pavla Blaszczykova, e-mail

By post:

Charles University

Third Faculty of Medicine

Study Division

Ruská 87

100 00 Prague 10,


We look forward, to meeting you in autumn 2021.

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