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10 January 2024

Amboss licenses

All Amboss student licenses are already sold out, additional licenses will be available in December 2024 for licenses valid in 2025.

From January 2022, the Amboss fact-finding portal in English will be available at the Third Faculty of Medicine, providing access to an interactive library and tests for medical studies. Amboss is an educational portal designed for medical students and doctors.

Access is limited by the number of licenses.

Student licenses are preferred for students in years 1-6 of the Master's degree courses AVSEOB/1 and VSEOB/1. Student registration and verification is provided by Trimed.

To be allocated a teaching license (PGS students and teachers 3. LF), please register your application at https://amboss.lf3.cuni.cz.

Instructions - video

Activation codes

Activation codes (1 license = 1 activation code) are valid from 1.1.2024 to 31.12.2024. They are allocated only via the amboss.lf3.cuni.cz application.

After registration from 1.1. 2024 automatically sends it by e-mail to the registered student according to the date of registration in the Amboss system.

The activation code of the teacher license is sent by the Amboss system after verification by SVI M. Hábová.

Instructions on how to activate the code can be found at https://www.amboss.com/int/campus/cuni

ATTENTION: the licenses that are currently used will expire on January 1, 2025. New licenses must be assigned to maintain access.

Martina Hábová, SVI

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