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University Marathon - Rector´s Cup Running

Students' Scientific Symposium 2014


2014-04-11 Students' Scientific Symposium 2014

We would like to inform you, that the deadline for submissions has been postponed to 20th May 2014. This will not be extended anymore, so submit your synopses in time. Students' Scientific Symposium of the Third Faculty of Medicine will be held on 27th March 2014. Opening ceremony will start at 9 am. We want to inform all participants and especially those who have Scientific Activity as an elective course to fill in their application until 13 April 2014. You can find the application on TRIMED web page. Please, upload your synopsis of maximum 1 page along with attachments. Please, answer all questions. In case of any question or misunderstanding contact svk@trimed.cz

2014-03-26 Charles University’s online magazine iForum has won the national round of the Charlemagne Youth Prize

Charles University’s online magazine iForum has won the national round of the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2014. Every year the winner is selected by a jury from projects that support a shared feeling for the creation of a European identity and integration amongst young people. The overall winner will be announced on 10 April.

2014-02-21 University Marathon - Rector´s Cup Running

Rector´s Cup Running takes place on 11th May 2014. The University has reserved 20 relay numbers, because the numbers for the marathon are already sold out. If interested, you can contact as soon as possible Martin Kozak (Race Marketing Manager) Mobile: 777 746 803 or Ing. Pavlina Dvorakova Mobile: 725 337 829

2013-09-23 Changes in physical education tuition

Dear colleagues,

in connection with the numerous queries regarding the changes in the system of tuition of physical education (hereinafter P.E.) at our faculty, and with the aim of eliminating concerns of some students (arising from incomplete or skewed information), I would like to inform you of the following.

2013-07-31 Exhibition of best students fine art, photography and video work

Dear students! On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Third Faculty of Medicine in the Vinohrady hospital our faculty prepared an exhibition of best students fine art, photography and video work. Students' works will be put on display in the faculty building during autumn 2013 and best pieces will financially rewarded during the official celebration of the anniversary of the Third Faculty of Medicine in Carolinum! Do not hesitate and sign up your work right now! Any topic.

2013-07-10 Enrollment of Compulsory Optional Subjects (COS) and Elective Subjects (ES) 2013/2014

Enrollment of COS and ES will start on 15th July 2013 from 10:00 a.m.
- The information listed on COS and ES you find in SIS – „Subjects“
- Enrollment of COS and ES regulates the Dean´s Directive Nº 1/2011
- Manual for registration you find here
- Information about Student Research Activity you find here
- New students will be able to enroll elective courses during September (more information they will get by enrollment to study).
The beginnings of individual courses or subjects may still change with regard to the schedule (day remains the same). If you have any questions, contact the Study Department, please: alena.vlasakova@lf3.cuni.cz

2013-03-15 Faculty dance group qualified for the National Championships of the Czech Dance Teachers Association

On Saturday 9th March 2013 our students attended a qualifying round for the Championship of the Czech Dance Teachers Association in the ball choreography with their ball dance show. Under the leadership of Karel Kulda and Michaela Šerlová the team composed of Ina Balliu, Josef Fontana, Adriana Gáborová, Ondřej Hojka, David Kachlík, Jitka Kociánová, Filip Kutina, Jakub Novotný, Martin Pavelka, Dominik Pokorný, Anna Skalická, Richard Stráský, Cecílie Šídlová, Eliška Šplíchalová, Lada Tichá and Veronika Vysloužilová was ranked sixth and thus qualified for the National Championships which will be held on 4th May 2013 in Chrudim

2012-09-4 Health care for students in English curriculum

Foreign students should arrange for a health insurance covering the duration of their study at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. The insurance policy can be arranged either in their own home country or in the Czech Republic at the beginning of their study. The person responsible for following medical care is MUDr. Jana Urbanová, nurse: Dana Zíková. You can find them at the Faculty Hospital “Královské Vinohrady” in the 2nd Dept. of Internal Medicine = pavillion S (behind the reception to the left and the 1st door on the left „vyšetřovna“)

2012-08-5 Weekly menu of the Faculty buffet

2012-04-22 Coats with faculty logo for students of the Third faculty of medicine

New coats with faculty logo are procurable from Monday 23rd April 2012 in these sizes: S, M, L, XL. Cost of 1 piece: 259,- CZK You can buy the coat every day from 8:00 till 10:00 untill 15th May 2012. After this day the shopping hours will be on Monday from 8:00 till 12:00. Where: main building, room 525 (5th floor) by Mr. Pajl.

In case the terms are unsuitable for you, you can firm up another term by phone: 267 102 525 or 267 102 222 or by e-mail: tomas.pajl@lf3.cuni.cz

2012-02-23 Dr. Jan Gojda has changed his office hours on Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The office hours of the Medical office for the foreign students of 3rd Medical Faculty are from this week (starting on 20th February) on Wednesday between 1 and 3 p.m. Place is the same, i.e. Emergency dept. of Internal Clinics (bulding S, groundfloor, information at the reception desk). The service is provided by dr. Jan Gojda. He is ready to provide you with any information and help throughout the week. Contact e-mail: jan.gojda@seznam.cz Contact phone number: +420 605 903 450

2010-09-23 Dobronice International

The adaptation course of new medical students of the faculty took place in Dobronice between 9th-12th September this year - for the historically first time English Curicullum students took part in it together with their Czech colleagues. The course was attended by 29 students of English curicullum and 118 students of the Czech curriculum. During informative seminars, sports and informal pub sessions there were many possibilities of integration of the students of both groups. I would like to thank the student organizers, especially Pia Zacher, Jakub Miletín, Morten Isaksen and Einar Wik for their help and support in organizing the course.

2009-06-9 New lecture Notes for Students at the 3. FM - Introduction to the Surgery (Dušková, Markéta et al.)

The department of plastic surgery at the 3. FM CU and FNKV in co-operation with the CRI 3. MF and by the approval of the 3. FM CU’s dean has issued new lecture notes for students at the 3. FM on CD-ROM. The lecture notes are accessible in full text at the faculty’s website of the Department of Plastic Surgery - Textbook and also in the study programs in the Master’s study – 2nd cycle - MODULE IIB – Clinical Propedeutics – Study materials.

2009-04-10 Access to Databases and E-resources (portal PEZ) and Remote Access to E-sources for Students (portal EZ Proxy)

Portal EZ Proxy allows remote access to purchased faculty and university electronic informational sources (databases, e-books, e-journals) and work with e-resources from home or from other PC stations, independent of the IP address. Access is granted only for employees and students of the 3. FM CU with a valid CU pass. The Portal of Electronic Resources – PEZ ensures a comprehensive overview of all available and purchased electronic sources at CU and 3.FM. (Database, journal database with full text, language dictionaries, e-books, etc.)

2009-03-31 Program eFEES – Records of Fees From Students in Study Program "General Medicine" - made available for students since 17.03.2009

Records of Fees for the Academic Year 2008/2009

2008-09-17 Unique Image, Animation, Video, Interactive Study Materials, Including Interactive Tests For Students And Teachers- Available Downloads For The English Curriculum

Try the isolated electronic source Smart-Imagebases from the Ebsco Company that we have purchased for teachers and students as supportive interactive and multimedia material for the instruction of students or for the preparation of English students event. Czech curriculum from our developmental project. You can find animated videos of various medical subjects, interactive educational materials including interactive tests, detailed questions and animations. You can create your own thematic collection for instruction from narrated videos, animations, images for English students. Please write if this resource is interesting and helpful so we have some feedback. You can also download multimedia, images and animation!!!!

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