Health Care for students in English curriculum

Foreign students should arrange for a health insurance covering the duration of their study at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. The insurance policy can be arranged either in their own home country or in the Czech Republic at the beginning of their study.

Contact person responsible for medical care

The person responsible for following medical care is MUDr. Pavel Škrha and nurse Dana Zíková.

MUDr. Pavel Škrha
MUDr. Pavel Škrha

nurse: Dana Zíková
nurse: Dana Zíková

Visiting hours:

Thursday: 13.00 - 15.00


MUDr. Pavel Škrha

Phone number: +420 604 861 705


Samples for laboratory tests are regularly taken on Tuesday and Thursday between 7:00 and 7:30 at the office

Information about medical office - contact informations, documents and fees, special requirements

Urgent cases

Urgent cases during daytime by phone appointment – mobile phone +420 604 861 705 or the faculty SOS phone number +420 724 292 312

Your insurance card, Student Identity Card ISIC and Passport are needed!

Condition of health insurance and payment

Students from EU + EMS

  • In case of presenting insurance card EURO no payment is required.

  • Students from EU without Euro Insurance card must pay - 1 CZK/1 point

  • and only than it is possible to ask their Insurance company abroad for repayment.

  • There is need to pay the registration fee: 90,- CZK

Students out of EU

  • Without health assistance they must pay fees in full amount on the spot. Receipt will be issued so that students may be reimbursed by their health insurance fund.

For case of urgent illnesses when the patient cannot get himself/herself to a doctor and when transport to a medical facility and urgent treatment is essential, ambulance services are organised. You can request their assistance by telephoning the number 155 or 112.

Hepatitis B Vaccinations

There is a possibility in the vaccination against Hepatitis B in the Vaccination Centre of the Occupational and Travel Health Clinic (Pavilion I, Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady). In case you will take an advantage of this possibility, come first for the confirmation about your study to the Study Department during office hours, please, and then be so kind and make an appointment for your vaccination on the telephone number 267 162 685.

You will pay directly on the spot only for the procedure (injection) cca 200 CZK.

Prevention of Healt Risks

The study of medicine and other health-related fields brings potential risks to health in the course of practical training. Namely there are risks due to infections, ionizing radiation, exposure to toxic substances (e.g. cytostatic drugs) and injuries. Pregnant students must notify their teachers of their condition. A pregnant student must not be exposed to any increased risk of infection anywhere (foremost in the Departments of Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine, and Infectious Diseases). She must also avoid a risk of ionizing radiation (X-ray and isotope workplaces). Further, she needs to avoid any manipulation with cytostatic preparations (oncology and numerous other clinical settings). Abiding by work safety rules is COMPULSORY for all students. The faculty policy in this field aims for a thorough prevention and total minimization of health risk in the course of study. Any particular problems related to an individual study plan are dealt with at respective workplaces, a final decision is made by the Vice-Dean for Study Affairs.

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