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Internal newsletter Vita Nostra Servis

Information bulletin in English brings news about the Third Faculty of Medicine. It is issued weekly from September to June. The English version was launched in September 2003. It is meant for foreign students of the faculty and issued in printed version as well as on the Internet.

Czech version of VNS


Ivana Ježková, e–mail:

Current Year

vns-33-en294 K07.12.2017
vns-32-en986 K07.12.2017
vns-31-en919 K27.11.2017
vns-30-en153 K20.11.2017
vns-28-29-en161 K31.10.2017
vns-27-en340 K09.10.2017
vns-24-26-en248 K03.10.2017
vns-23-en374 K05.09.2017
vns-22-en 129 K21.06.2017
vns-21-en262 K13.06.2017
vns-18-20-en467 K08.06.2017
vns-16-17-en485 K02.05.2017
vns-15-en344 K19.04.2017
vns-14-en232 K10.04.2017
vns-12-13-en260 K03.04.2017
vns-11-en202 K20.03.2017
vns-10-en231 K13.03.2017
vns-09-en292 K06.03.2017
vns-08-en267 K27.02.2017
vns-07-en203 K22.02.2017
vns-05-06-en486 K11.02.2017
vns-04-en207 K30.01.2017
vns-03-en387 K23.01.2017
vns-02-en163 K16.01.2017
vns-01-en441 K06.01.2017

Archive Since 2003

2016-vns-en-volume6 M03.01.2017
2015-vns-en-volume6 M31.12.2015
2014-vns-en-volume11 M05.01.2015
2013-vns-en-volume6 M30.12.2013
2012-vns-en-volume4 M09.10.2013
2011-vns-en-volume11 M09.10.2013
2010-vns-en-volume6 M09.10.2013
2009-vns-en-volume7 M09.10.2013
2008-vns-en-volume3 M09.10.2013
2007-vns-en-volume6 M09.10.2013
2006-vns-en-volume3 M09.10.2013
2005-vns-en-volume4 M09.10.2013
2004-vns-en-volume2 M09.10.2013
2003-vns-en-volume2 M09.10.2013

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